13 Celebrities’ Head-Scratching Overshares

These celebs got a little too comfortable with interviewers.
13 Celebrities’ Head-Scratching Overshares

This is just between me and you right? Yes… Kind of. Right now, we’re the only two people having this conversation, but thousands (possibly millions) of people will read and/or hear this at some point in the very near future. Yeah, yeah, whatever. I just feel so comfortable around you, random interviewer, so here’s a whole bunch of very private information. 

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This is how we assume most of these conversations started, since (out of nowhere) some of the biggest celebrities on the planet decided to share some very intimate details about their private lives. Like, Will Smith does what after sex?! George Clooney does what to his testicles?! There, now you see what we’re workin’ with here. Forget the fact that they’re world famous figures, these personal matters would be pretty scandalous coming from any ol’ Joe. Their publicists must’ve been in full on crisis mode after these 13 celebrities blurted out these shocking and head-scratching overshares.

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