Know What I Mean, Verne: 12 Catchphrases That Make No Sense Out of Context

Without seeing the sitcom in question, define “Bazinga.” Okay, now define “Zoinks.”
Know What I Mean, Verne: 12 Catchphrases That Make No Sense Out of Context

It’s hard to tell at the time, but almost every sitcom in history has subtly thrown in some buzzwords and catchphrases, hoping for a keeper. That sweet, sweet laugh from the studio audience was all they needed to pepper in that bad boy every few episodes for years to come. Most are pretty straight forward, and there’s no mistaking what they mean. When Blossom’s brother Joey Russo exclaims, “Whoa,” by golly, the guy means, “Whoa!” But unless you follow Sheldon Cooper’s silly little “pranks,” you’d have no idea what the completely made up “Bazinga” meant.

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Turns out it was a real life catchphrase one of the writers would use when he successfully pulled off a prank. Interesting. And overall, pretty silly. It, like “Zoinks” feels right in a kids’ cartoon, but Jim Parsons was 45 in that final season, and Sheldon is supposed to be a genius. Who are we to judge? We’re not here to say if it’s good or bad (not today, anyways), we’re just saying that it, and 11 other catchphrases, make absolutely no sense out of context. 

We get a greasy feeling hearing this word. Because of all that context.

GRACKED GIGGITY Without context, you might think Glenn Quagmire's nonsense word for his horniness is half of a gigabyte. Or maybe Pauly Shore's word for a gig. FAMILY GUY

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We always thought it popped up on screen when ‘60s Batman punched someone.

GRACKED BAZINGA! Meant as a Gotcha! after a prank or joke at someone's expense. It's impossible to decipher this made-up, nonsense word from just reading it. THE BIG BANG THEORY

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Is this like a “Candyman” thing where this Marcia person pops up and kills me?

GRACKED MARCIA, MARCIA, MARCIA! Poor Jan lived in the shadow of her popular older sister Marcia, so this lament isn't her summoning Candyman or Beetlejuice, she's basically saying, I'm sick of hearing about how great Marcia is! THE BRADY BUNCH

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