Catchphrases: love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no way to avoid ‘em. But as ingrained as they are into our brains, we know very little about the history behind the most often said phrases in pop culture. Don’t worry, we at Cracked are here to rectify that, with a little insight into more than a dozen famous phrases.

Here's what we want to know. Who invented catch phrases anyway? When did that become a thing. The idea that a person can just claim a specific phrase that they should be known by forever just seems kind of odd when you really think about it.

We wanted to explore the origin stories behind some of the most iconic catchphrases in tv and movies.

Did you know that ‘bazinga’ doesn't appear in the ‘Big Bang Theory’ until the finale of season 2? Turns out it was a real life catch phrase one of the writers would use when he successfully pulled off a prank.

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I'll Be Back Arnold Schwarzenegger had trouble pronouncing I'II and asked to say I will be back. Director James Cameron (correctly) refused to let him change the line. CRACKED.COM

Source: HuffPost

That's Hot Paris Hilton reveals that her Simple Life catchphgrase was originally something her sister Nicky used to say a lot. Paris took it and trademarked it. CRACKED.COM

Source: Yahoo!

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