13 Stars Betrayed by People They Trusted the Most

Jennette McCurdy’s book ’I’m Glad My Mom Died’ says it all.
13 Stars Betrayed by People They Trusted the Most

“While I focus on my career, you guys have my affairs in order, right? Right? Guys?” Sadly, we know that this has been the case for many child stars, but you don’t have to be a child to get swindled out of your hard earned dollars. Finances are tricky. That’s why there are professionals. Or a trusted loved one. As a kid, of course you’d look to your parents for guidance, support, and stability. You’re starring in hit films, or selling millions of albums, so why wouldn’t you think, “Hey, the adults can handle all that boring shit. They know what they’re doing.” Well sonny, they knew exactly what they were doing, and it was not in your best interest.

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Business people have taken advantage of creative types since the dawn of the entertainment industry. They know that these wide-eyed wannabe stars aren’t business savvy. They care about “the art” like hippie suckers, and become easy targets. We expected this from studios or record companies, but it was just downright despicable that these 13 stars were betrayed by their own manager, advisor, or worse — their own flesh and blood. 

Even the all-time greats can get got.

CRACKED BILLY JOEL's ex brother-in-law Frank Weber was his financial advisor and one-time manager, but over the years he easily siphoned $90 million from Joel.
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