13 Kids Who Pulled Off Incredible Professional Achievements

13 Kids Who Pulled Off Incredible Professional Achievements

It's amazing how much these young minds have accomplished and how much they have changed the world. From John von Neumann's groundbreaking work in mathematics to Bill Gates and Paul Allen's founding of Microsoft, these kids have achieved incredible things. 

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It's also inspiring to see the stories of everyday kids who have managed to make a difference in the world. From Diane Hartley's engineering breakthrough to Frank Epperson's invention of the Popsicle, these stories kind of show us that anyone can make a difference. 

What's even more remarkable is that these kids were able to achieve so much despite their age and lack of experience. From Calcea Johnson and Ne'Kiya Jackson proving the Pythagorean theorem to Alexander Hamilton's letter about a hurricane in the West Indies, these kids were able to do what many thought was impossible. 

So sit back and enjoy this list of incredible professional achievements by kids. We hope that it will inspire you to reach for the stars and pursue your dreams, no matter how young or inexperienced you may be. Or just entertain you on a long bus ride to or from work.

Engineering student solves Citigroup mystery.

CRACKED DIANE HARTLEY Hartley, an engineering student, asked about the Citigroup Center in NYC and how strong the winds were at its corners. This made the chief engineer go back and look at the wind tunnel test results again, and they had to do some emergency repairs. Center Subway


Solved homework, got famous.

CRACKED GEORGE DANTZIG Dantzig, a PhD student at UC Berkeley, saw some problems on the chalkboard in a class and thought they were homework. But they were actually unproven statistics theorems and, in solving his homework, he came up with proofs for them.

Snopes / Youtube  

Young genius creates life-saving device.

CRACKED ANYA POGHARIAN Pogharian, an 18-year-old from Montreal, created a low-cost, portable dialysis machine for a science fair project in 2015. It quickly filters blood, and has earned her worldwide recognition and job offers. 400


Young prodigy builds nuclear fusion reactor.

CRACKED TAYLOR WILSON At 14 years old, Taylor Wilson made history by becoming the youngest person ever to construct a functional nuclear fusion reactor. Kind of a Dexter's Laboratory-in-real-life situation.


Child prodigy joins military, becomes game developer.

CRACKED JOHN ROMERO Romero was hired by the Royal Air Force when he was a teenager to do some coding for them. I can't tell you what I was programming because that's classified, he said in an interview decades later and he left it at that.


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