Welcome to a world of daring criminals, clever cons, and unbelievable feats of thievery. This list celebrates the most amazing criminal feats of all time, from the infamous to the lesser-known.

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These are some of the stories of ingenious robbers who managed to outwit the police, con artists who pulled off the ultimate swindle, and daring heists that have left the world in awe ... and desperately checking its pocket to see if its wallet was still there.  From the daring robbers who stole a half million dollars worth of iPhones, to the brothers who cashed in on scrap metal from a steel bridge, to the master thief who can pickpocket without anyone noticing, these stories might have you shaking your head in disbelief.

These stories of daring and ingenuity are scientifically calibrated to be 97% sure to captivate you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the tales of the world's most amazing criminals.

Robbers get their caffeine fix and iPhones.

CRACKED 2023 APPLE STORE ROBBERY SN CEN AYOL Robbers reportedly broke into an Apple Store and took around $500k worth of iPhones. The clever part is: they broke into the coffee machine shop next door, and got into the Apple Store by smashing through the wall between the stores.

Ars Technica 

Stealing a Porsche: Easier the second time around.

CRACKED STEALING A PORSCHE UNDER THE COPS' NOSES S PA 430E This guy in Malaysia tried to steal a Porsche worth $280,000, twice. The first time he gave up because he didn't have enough gas, but the second time he managed to get away with it by filling up a canister of petrol and driving it out of a police station.

Reuters / Porsche 

Crime pays, apparently.

CRACKED STEALING MILLIONS WITH A FAKE CAR BOMB In Japan in '68, a fake cop stopped a car carrying 294 million yen (about $10 million today), warning the people in it there was a bomb, and went under the car to fix it. Smoke and flames burst from the car, and the people abandoned the car and ran.


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