13 Bits Of Trivia That We Funneled Into Our Brain Tubes Like A Silly Straw

13 Bits Of Trivia That We Funneled Into Our Brain Tubes Like A Silly Straw

Welcome to the strange, often perplexing world of guns, obituaries, and Russian mercenaries. And more. It's a world where teachers are fired for morbid lesson plans, PH says "no" to Russian mercenaries, and YouTubers survive pranks gone wrong. It's a world where a pup's drinking problem can be solved with four weeks of rehab, a Supreme Court Justice can be vacationing with the rich while voting to acquit the guilty, and senators can be self-serving while denying free lunches to kids from low-income families. 

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It's a world that can make you laugh, cry, and shake your head in disbelief all at the same time. But it's also a world that can teach us important lessons about safety, justice, and responsibility... if you squint hard enough. So, without further ado, let's dive into this list. From the funny to the outrageous, here are 13 stories that will make you think twice about the world we live in.

Justice Thomas: Vacationing with Donors, Voting with Everyone.

CRACKED SUPREME JUSTICE THOMAS: VACATIONING WITH THE RICH AND ACQUITTING THE GUILTY. Clarence Thomas voted with everyone else on the Supreme Court to clear a former Virginia governor of bribery charges in 2016. At the same time, it turns out that Thomas was being given fancy vacations by a major Republican donor.


"Outrage" over Nike's inclusion.

CRACKED CAITLYN JENNER: OUTRAGED THAT NIKE HIRED A TRANSGENDER AMBASSADOR. Caitlyn Jenner is not happy with Nike for hiring transgender Dylan Mulvaney as a paid ambassador. She said it's an outrage and believes it takes away from women. CA Call


Church: Outdated. Dating Apps: Normal.

CRACKED POPE FRANCIS SAYS THE CHURCH'S VIEWS ON SEX ARE STILL STUCK IN THE DARK AGES. Pope Francis has said that using dating apps like Tinder is totally normal and that the Catholic Church's views on sex are outdated.


"Sorry" not accepted.

CRACKED WWE APOLOGIZES FOR TASTELESS AUSCHWITZ AD. The WWE said sorry for using a picture of Auschwitz in an ad for a wrestling match between Dominik and Rey Mysterio. On one hand, it's the WWE, so you have to adjust your expectations... on the other hand, it's Auschwitz. 87.9K views


Rats, rats everywhere.

CRACKED NEW YORK CITY'S RAT PROBLEM IS so BAD THEY HAD TO HIRE A RAT CZAR. New York City has hired its first-ever rat czar to help deal with the increasing number of rats in the city. This has become a major problem that affects the quality of life and health of people living there. HEARFROMERIC.COM


Pup goes from binging to being sober.

CRACKED AN ALCOHOLIC DOG IS 1 MONTH SOBER. A two-year-old Labrador mix in the U.K. had a serious drinking problem after his old owner kept giving him alcohol. Thankfully, an animal welfare charity stepped in and put him in rehab. After four weeks, the pup is now sober and doing much better.


Prank gone wrong: YouTuber survives.

CRACKED YOUTUBER SURVIVES PRANK GONE WRONG, STILL PLANS TO KEEP MAKING VIDEOS. In April 2021, Jay Swingler, a YouTuber, got shot in the leg while he was filming a prank at a mall food court in Virginia. Fortunately, he's all better now! Unfortunately, he said he's still going to keep making videos.


Chugging: the new sport.

CRACKED NEW WORLD RECORD FOR CHUGGING A CAPRI SUN. On April 13th, 2023, Andre Ortolf smashed the Guinness World Record for chugging a Capri Sun pouch in 10.41 seconds - way faster than Leah Shutkever's 15.71 seconds record set in 2021. We live in an amazing civilization indeed.


Teacher fired for morbid lesson.

CRACKED FLORIDA TEACHER FIRED FOR HAVING STUDENTS WRITE THEIR OWN OBITUARIES. A teacher in Florida got let go after they made their students write their own obituaries on the same day they were doing a practice for an active shooter situation. Talk about not reading the room. IPS HIGH SCHOOL


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