April Fool's Day can be... aggravating. The hardest-hit has always been the brands as well as politicians — Ted Cruz, McDonald's. You quickly become cynical.

Fortunately, renowned people on social media are on hand and save the day. Famous people often use April 1 to mock their rumor headlines, pretending to debut spectacular new hairstyles, faking pregnancies, or announcing outrageous new film investments. Once per day, those who get to deceive media and fans recapture their own stories in a strange way.

The suspense of a nighttime drop! The production quality makes people feel like a completely new episode! The youngsters who voice these characters were expertly cast! Rick and Morty pulled off a prank that…frankly…was pretty clever. Bring back some of these kids for 5th season.

Michael Keaton snuck a sex doll into Fred Rogers' closet when he was a young stagehand... and, as you might expect, hilarity ensued. Here's the complete story, as well as 14 others:

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