Ah, the courtroom. A place of drama, intrigue, and all manner of strange and unexpected occurrences... especially when celebrities get involved. From walk-off victories to serenading jurors, the legal system has seen it all, most of it in trials of people who were rich and famous... and, sometimes, absolutely horrible people to boot (it’s amazing, and depressing, to consider just how often those things go hand in hand).

This list is a collection of the most outrageous moments in courtrooms around the world when celebrities were involved in one way or another. From Harvey Weinstein’s wardrobe woes, to all his other many woes, to Alex Jones’ antics, this list is ... well, sure to provide a few surprises, of various kinds. So, sit back, relax, and get ready for a wild ride through the world of legal drama. Who knows what you’ll find? We’re pretty sure the judges and lawyers involved here didn’t.

Lohan: fashion icon, legal troublemaker.

Lindsay Lohan came to court in a sheer outfit She caused a bit of a sensation when she wore a white, see-through outfit to court in 2013. Not the kind of thing that screams respect for the court. CELEBRITY COURTROOM ANTICS CRACKED

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