Ah, the stories of the famous and the vindictive. Not everyone on this list is a celeb, but plenty of them are -- and, from the outrageous antics of Zach Braff and Burt Reynolds to the more serious matters of Warren Buffett, these tales might leave you in disbelief about the pettiness of the very famous.

We start with Zach Braff, who was caught on video getting into a fight with a 12-year-old while on the set of Ashton Kutcher’s show Punk’d. It’s a story that will make you wonder if it’s ever okay to take justice into your own hands (spoiler: not if you’re assaulting a kid). Then, there’s Anish Kapoor, who is not allowed to use Stuart Semple’s new paint, Phaze. That, on the other hand, is a story of artistic rivalry that might make you think twice before crossing a fellow artist.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into these stories of incredible vindictiveness from the famous and non-famous alike. You never know what you might learn or who you might relate to. Enjoy!

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