12 Archeological And Paleontological Discoveries That Would Have Made Indiana Jones Run In Breathless Terror

In ancient Rome, the poor were thrown into pits of corpses, garbage, and excrement.
12 Archeological And Paleontological Discoveries That Would Have Made Indiana Jones Run In Breathless Terror

It is often said that history is written by the victors, but what is often left out of the narrative are the stories that were just incredibly batshit weird. From the wealthy to the poor, from the powerful to the powerless, this list will take you on a journey through time to explore some of the most creepy, disgusting, or terrifying archeological finds ever recorded. We will look at the tombs of the wealthy and the pits of the poor, the child sacrifices in Peru, the human sacrifices in the Aztec Empire, the knightly porridge and raisins of Anthony de Lucy, the luxurious lifestyle of Lady Dai, the use of technology in ancient burial sites, the giant penguin that has gone extinct, the mysterious Diquís Spheres, the hidden human skulls of Switzerland, and the ancient 12-sided object from Roman times. Finally, we will explore the Llullaillaco Maiden, who was sacrificed in an Incan ritual and likely sedated with coca and alcohol before her death. 

Forget snakes, Indy - all this is just so, so much worse.

500 years of frozen sacrifice.

CRACKED PERFECTLY PRESERVED 500-YEAR-OLD CHILD CORPSES In 1999, three kids were found at the top of Llullaillaco volcano in Argentina. They were part of an Incan ritual that had been going on for 500 years called capacocha. The cold, dry air had mummified their bodies, and when they were examined.


Child sacrifice: a pastime in Peru in the old days, apparently.

CRACKED EVIDENCE OF MASS CHILD SACRIFICE In Peru, the remains of 302 kids who were sacrificed have been discovered in two piles. Radiocarbon dating shows that the kids were killed on six separate occasions between around 1050 and 1500.


Sacrifice: definitely not just for adult men.

CRACKED 12E EVEN MORE REVOLTING EVIDENCE OF MASS SACRIFICE. Researchers uncovered a tower made of 650 human skulls in Mexico City, which suggests that human sacrifice was more widespread in the Aztec Empire than previously thought - even involving women and children.


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