15 Bizarre Ways Your Brain Can Turn on You in an Instant

15 Bizarre Ways Your Brain Can Turn on You in an Instant

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Ah, the strange and mysterious world of neurological disorders! From the exotic to the mundane, from the bizarre to the commonplace, these conditions have been baffling us for centuries. It’s as if we’ve been transported to a strange and unfamiliar land, filled with odd creatures and phenomena that we can barely comprehend. 

But, as we explore this strange land, we find that these conditions are not so strange after all. In fact, they are more common than we think, and can be found in all corners of the world. From the mysterious Alice in Wonderland Syndrome to the more familiar hyperthymesia, these conditions have been studied, diagnosed, and treated for years. 

So, join us on a journey through this strange land of neurological disorders. We’ll explore the strange, the bizarre, and the everyday, and learn more about what it means to live with a neurological disorder. From alien hand syndrome to exploding head syndrome, from reduplicative paramnesia to Cotard’s Syndrome, we’ll discover the unique and fascinating ways that these conditions can affect us.

My left hand’s a rebel.

CRACKED ALIEN HAND SYNDROME is a condition where the non-dominant hand acts on its own. Treatments include muscle control therapies, mirror box therapy, cognitive therapy techniques, and learning task behavioral therapies.

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