15 Sophisticated Characters Who Embrace Toilet Humor

15 Sophisticated Characters Who Embrace Toilet Humor

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We’ve all been desensitized to raunchy characters doing raunchy things. If anything, their goal is to keep outdoing themselves. There’s something a whole lot more shocking in a prim and proper character who gets down and dirty. You can hear the record scratch in your head like, “Did Sheldon Cooper actually just say that?” As alien as he and a few of these other characters can be, they too have bodily functions that they sometimes feel the need to discuss. We’re a little off put by it, but who are we to judge?

The toilet humor debate has raged on forever. One side poo-poos it as “an easy laugh” while the other side embraces it with the classic motto, “Funny is funny.” They both make valid points, so it seems like the debate might continue forever. We’re not here to sway you one way or the other. Whether it was done tastefully or not, these 15 sophisticated characters came down from on high to embrace toilet humor. 

Sheldon is right… Yet again.

Characters who embrace toilet humor The Big Bang Theory SHELDON COOPER Howard brags about his Wolowitz Zero-Gravity Waste Disposal System on the International Space Station, and they joke that it's just a fancy term for a toilet. Sheldon caps it with, Apparently, there is no law of diminishing comedic returns with space poop. CRACKED

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No one needed to hear Marge fart. It’s just wrong.

Characters who embrace toilet humor The Simpsons MARGE SiMPSON In Season 11, Episode 1 Beyond Blunderdome, a saleswoman asks, Thinking of saying goodbye to gas? Bart says, You betcha! and belches. Marge is about to scold him, but she farts and says, Well, that shut me up. CRACKED

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Niles was quick to slam Roz. (Not like that. He was clearly a Daphne guy.)

Characters who embrace toilet humor Frasier NiLES CRANE After Roz claims, I was in college. I was trying to find myself, Niles responds with, All you needed to do was look under the nearest man. One of his more crass burns. CRACKED

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Liz takes credit for her Fart Doctor sketches.

Characters who embrace toilet humor 30 Rock LiZ LEMON When Liz first meets Carol (Matt Damon), he professes his love for TGS's Fart Doctor sketches. Liz excitedly yells, He who spelt it, dealt it. I wrote that! I wrote all the Fart Doctors! CRACKED


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Mild-mannered State Trooper finally snaps.

Characters who embrace toilet humor CHARLiE BAiLEYGATES Me, Myself & Irene Wronged for the last time, he morphs into his alter-ego, Hank and notices the woman is buying Vagi-clean. What's the matter, honey? A little extra cheese on the taco? Не calls for a pricecheck, We got a customer down here with a full-on fallopian fungus. CRACKED

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Hearing Sheldon Cooper talk about sex is rare and ever so unsettling.

Characters who embrace toilet humor The Big Bang Theory SHELDON COOPER Lying about his sex life, he says, If Kripke asks, tell him my coitus with Amy is frequent, intense, and whimsically inventive. Then, Word around the university is, I'm giving her sex organs a proper jostling. CRACKED

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A rare moment from the “Lisa Simpson” of the family.

Characters who embrace toilet humor Modern Family ALEX DUNPHY After Claire (while dressed as Wonder Woman) criticizes Alex for dating Luke's friend Reuben, she snaps back with, You're really judging me right now, when you look like a hooker at Comic-Con? CRACKED

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As stuffy as his job is, Chandler can’t help but be himself.

Characters who embrace toilet humor Friends CHANDLER BiNG In a job interview, he states, I was the point person on my company's transition from the KL5 to the GR6 systems. After the boss mentions his duties, Chandler tries to explain why the word is so funny, until finally blurting out the word Poo. CRACKED

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This innuendo from Angela was a shocker.

Characters who embrace toilet humor The Office ANGELA MARTiN After Dwight kills her cat and they break up, Angela proclaims, The thought of popping one of your beets into my mouth makes me want to vomit! CRACKED


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Abby shows us the lighter side of forensic science.

Characters who embrace toilet humor SEVANCIAL AMBRY NCSI ABBY SCiUTO This Chief Forensic Scientist has Bert, the farting stuffed hippo. She gives it to DiNozzo as a pillow, and giggles at the noises it makes. CRACKED



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