15 Painfully Uncool Past Lives of Super-Cool Celebs

15 Painfully Uncool Past Lives of Super-Cool Celebs

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Ah, the stories of our beloved stars! From the days of their humble beginnings to their current successes, we have seen them through thick and thin. We’ve laughed at their awkward roles, cheered for their triumphs, and marveled at their transformations. 

We’ve seen Tony Hawk as Skateboard Johnny sailing the seas of Captain Kangaroo’s show, David Bowie taking a stand for long-haired men everywhere, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rocky start to stardom in Hercules in New York, Tom Hardy going from model to actor, Christian Bale from Lenor to Batman, and Chris Pratt not quite being a professional dancer. And, of course, there’s Jennifer Lawrence in her MTV commercial for My Super Sweet 16.

In this list, we’ll take a look at these stars’ awkward, uncool appearances when they were just starting out. From the silly to the strange, these stories will make you laugh, make you cringe, and ... cringe. And laugh. And laugh.

Channing Tatum: From Florida stripper to 'G.I. Joe.'

CRACKED CHANNING TATUM used to strip. Не says that he only ever performed for 25 people at most, and it wasn't glamorous at all. Не and a friend made a deal to do it for a short time, just to be wild and crazy, and then they would quit.

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