15 Badass Tributes to Dead Members of Bands and Comedy Groups

15 Badass Tributes to Dead Members of Bands and Comedy Groups

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A truly epic send-off… What more could you ask for? These heartfelt and sometimes pretty spicy tributes are a testament to not only their world-class talents, but their world-class lovability. Because honestly, no one wants to celebrate the life and legacy of a real jerk face. Tragedy and loss are the toughest things we have to deal with on this wet rock, but when a memorial is done right, the family, friends (and in the fortunate case of these posthumous honorees) adoring fans can crack a tearful smile. 

It’s pretty cool that even though they were clearly dealing with loss, they scrounged up the gumption to help provide the fans with a better sense of what their friend meant to their families and the world. Getting the family involved in the tribute is even better. Kudos. Our tears got a proud nod or even a laugh because of these best tributes to fallen members of bandmates, castmates, and comedians.

Howard Stern’s “dry” humor.

Howard Stern's eulogy for Joan Rivers. In the raunchiest eulogy of all time, Stern opened with, Joan Rivers had a dry p***y. Не then got choked up, and held back tears to continue describing the dryness. CRACKED

Quite possibly the only service in history to feature Muppets.

The Muppets send off creator Jim Henson. Henson requested a joyous affair with a jazz band, and no one in black. His two public memorials featured performances by the Muppets, and he was given a televised memorial, The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson. CRACKED

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Monty Python keeps Graham Chapman part of the gag.

Monty Python spill Graham Chapman's ashes. In a 1998 interview with Robert Klein, they accidentally kick over his urn, and scramble to sweep him under the rug before getting back to the question as if nothing happened. CRACKED

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