The 18 Best Ways Humanity Ever Reacted To Tragedy

In this insane world, it's easy to forget that there are amazing acts of kindness happening more often than we realize.
The 18 Best Ways Humanity Ever Reacted To Tragedy

There's a lot of saddening, crazy stuff happening on our planet. And with all that being paraded around by the media, it's easy to forget that there are amazing acts of kindness happening more often than we realize.

Warning: It's about to get very, very dusty wherever you are.

Johnny White's Bar, in New Orleans, had the motto, Never Closed. And even during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Johnny White's never closed. It became a
Welcome to GANDER FROSSROIE OF THE ORLO When U.S. airspace was closed on 9/11, many international flights were diverted to Canada. The town of Gander,
Despite false rumors that Palestinian Muslims danced on the streets during 9/11, Muslim communities in countries like the UK and the USA actually hono
music for relief LINKIN PARK Say what YOu will about their music. but in response to the 2004 Indian Icean Earthquake. Linkin Park created Music For
CRACKEDCON jetBlue jetBlue jetBlue Shortly after the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, JetBlue Airlines offered free flight seats to or from Orlando to
CRACKEDo COM IIA e u 1it OEON Ahowu THAT Marila Brkicc on STON aest Boton MEG ME ON BESONGRUNNISTON! Trnrm9 B0S Fton Raying Rost After the Boston Mara
In the months following 9/11, the New York Times published a biography for every vicctim they could. Over 1, :800 people were profiled and their portr
On August2, 2005, Air France flight 358 ran off the end of the runway at Toronto's PearsonAirport, and crashed into a ravine, where it caught fire. Wi
As ateenager Brittany James' generosity made her sponsor a boy in Kenya whom she someday hoped to meet. but she passed away at age 19 before getting t
Upon finding out that Chennai, India had been hit by a massive flood in 2015, 2000 sex workers in Maharashtra skipped two meals a day in order to dona
Turkish couple Fethullah Uzumcuoglu and Esra Polat spent their wedding day and money collected from their family members to invite 4000 Syrian refugee
NOVEMBER 2015 PARIS ATTACKS Palacio do Planalto (Brazil) The Sydney Opera House (Australia) 2016 BRUSSELS BOMBINGS Manchester. Town Hall (England) THE
The 18 Best Ways Humanity Ever Reacted To Tragedy
After the Boston bombing tragedy, Reddit flooded Boston hospitals treating the wounded with pizza until they were overwhelmed. Gosb RAOP LIVERY Then t
1993 During the siege of Sarajevo DISUNITED NATIONS OF by Serbian troops BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA (April A group of young Bosnian 1992 to February 1996)
The headstone of Ryan Michael Jolley, a North Florida boy who passed away five days after his birth, includes a sandbox so his big brother Tucker can
During ISIS attacks in Jakarta, street vendors in the area not only kept selling wares. they did it very close to where the firefight was happening. A

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