15 Petty Things That Made Actors, Musicians, and Athletes Throw in the Towel

Cults, weed, and pigeons got the best of these stars.
15 Petty Things That Made Actors, Musicians, and Athletes Throw in the Towel

Look, we all think about quitting. We’re thinking about it right now. It’s a fun fantasy that these lucky devils got to live out. Sure, it was for completely bonkers, and regrettable reasons, but for that one brief moment, they got to spit in the faces of their oppressors. And sure, those oppressors ended up being lovely, well-intentioned people who only wanted to give them millions of dollars for their theatrical, musical, or athletic performances. But work sucks, and sometimes even a dream job is no match for the couch. That sultry temptress.

Maybe they forgot how hard it once was to get a job in their industry. Because, what would their former “starving artist” selves say if they saw them refusing to perform unless they had all of their gold chains? Probably, “Wow, my life gets a lot better!” Still guys… Of all the petty, inane reasons to quit cushy gigs, these 15 actors, musicians, and athletes take the cake.

Money won’t help Carlos Roa in a post-apocalyptic world!

CRACKED Carlos Roa quit for apocalypse prep. The goalkeeper was offered $10 million to play for Manchester United in 1999, but with the new millennium approaching, he announced his retirement so he could go prepare for the end of the world.


Kings of Leon has taken crap from critics, but they draw the line at pigeons.

CRACKED Coventry X-COUNTRY ISTANCE CLUB Kings of Leon's Pigeon Poop Incident. In 2010, the band walked off stage after only 3 songs in St. Louis due to a barrage of pigeon poop. A flock set up shop above the stage, pelting them, until one actually pooped in bassist Jared Followill's mouth.

What Culture

A case of the giggles kept Tom Holland out of Star Wars.

CRACKED The Force Awakens Tom Holland didn't take Star Wars seriously. Auditioning for Finn, he read opposite a droid. Не said it was ridiculous that this lady, bless her, would sit there full commitment and was like, Be-boop-be-boop. His inability to stop laughing ruined the audition.

YouTube / NBC 

I know the mask is this character’s whole thing, but hear me out.

CRACKED V for Vendetta James Purefoy wanted to play a maskless V. Не quit because he didn't like acting under a mask, and wanted the facial credit for his work, so Hugo Weaving came in to wear the now-iconic mask.


Fleetwood Mac’s Jeremy Spencer will be right back, you guys. He promises.

CRACKED : SWIF Quitting Fleetwood Mac for a cult. During a 1971 tour, Fleetwood Mac guitarist Jeremy Spencer went to get a magazine and never returned. After several days of searching, they discovered that he just walked off with The Children of God cult members. He's still with them today!

Far Out Magazine

Morrissey takes animal rights activism way too far.

CRACKED Morrissey smelled meat at Coachella. The outspoken vegan and animal rights activist stormed offstage, saying, I can smell burning flesh, and I hope to God it's human. Не eventually finished his set, but choosing charred fans over the smell of nearby BBQ is a bit much.

What Culture

In his defense, John Rhys-Davies would’ve said the dialogue if it was well written.

CRACKED Sliders John Rhys-Davies regrets trashing writers. Не quit, saying, I will actually say the words as written when you can actually write intelligent sentences! 20 years later he said, I think it was the single biggest missed opportunity of my life. I regret it deeply.

Digital Spy

Liam Gallagher, you can house-hunt after the tour!

CRACKED Liam Gallagher crippled Oasis for real estate. In 1996, Oasis canceled an entire U.S. leg of their tour because Liam needed to close on a house. Noel said, That killed us stone dead in America. We never recovered.

What Culture

Katherine Heigl doesn’t think anyone deserves credit for this crap.

CRACKED Grey's Anatomy Katherine Heigl shuns The Emmys. In 2008, she withdrew her Emmy nomination because she did not feel that  was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination. This completely disrespected the writers and producers.

NY Times / Today 

Predator really should look more like Jean Claude Van Damme.

CRACKED COM Predator A JEA VAN a Jean Claude Van Damme didn't feel seen. Furious that the suit made him look silly, and that he wouldn't even be seen on camera, Van Damme quit the production after two days.


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