WARNING: this list contains fifteen scrumptious little knowledge nuggets that will both fuel and shock you. Viewer discretion is advised if you fear learning about things that will rock your friggin' world!!!!

For instance, did you know that Kangaroos are slowly taking over Australia and will probably start a Kangaroo army and kill us all? And don’t look now but there are several giant Buddhas roaming the earth who will probably join the Kangaroo army and kill us all. Also, in the future, we might all have teeth made out of pee. That one is unrelated to the Kangaroo/Buddha army but you should probably look out anyway.

But have no fear, for this list was meant to nourish your brain- not anguish your soul. There are plenty of other delicious facts that will soothe you like a giant bowl of Kangaroo soup. So, without further adieu, munch away on these delicious factoids!

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