15 Lesser Known Writers Behind Your Favorite Comedies

These hilarious heroes walk among us, undetected.
15 Lesser Known Writers Behind Your Favorite Comedies

While we’re all preoccupied with the faces on the big screen, the names in the credits come and go. Well, some of those names are the reason all of those other names were out there making that movie in the first place. Out of thin air, they conjured up a story about, oh we don’t know, a wacky pet detective named Ace, and boom… A Canadian comedian is world-renowned. Well that writer (who you’ll read about soon) can stroll to the grocery store for grapes without being mauled by fans, and we’re sure Jim Carrey is just a tad jealous of that.

These unsung heroes toil away in some office, spinning comedy gold, and what credit do they get?! Okay, yes, they get money and actual credit, but socially they’d have to subtly bring up the fact that they wrote Meet The Parents at a party, and just hope people think it’s cool. Well, we think it’s cool. Cool enough to round up these 15 lesser known writers behind some of the biggest, best comedies of all time.

The husband & wife dynamic duo.

Wayne's World BONNIE & TERRY TURNER NATURE PORTE beauty CRACKED.COM Brought to SNL as a married couple, the Wayne's World screenplay was Bonnie & Terry Turner's big break. They went on to create shows like 3rd Rock From The Sun and That '70s Show.

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The party was short-lived.

Animal House DOUGLAS KENNY & CHRIS MILLER LAMPOON COLLEGE CRACKED.COM Alongside Harold Ramis, 1978's Animal House was written by Chris Miller, and National Lampoon magazine co-founder Douglas Kenney. Kenney wrote Caddy Shack two years later but sadly passed away a month after its release.


There’s something about these writers.

There's Something About Mary ED DECTOR AND JOHN J. STRAUSS CRACKED.COM Number 18 on The Writer's Guild's Funniest Screenplays list, Ed Dector and John J. Strauss had the original idea for There's Something About Mary, and wrote the screenplay with Peter Farrelly.

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They go together like Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.

Trading Places TIMOTHY HARRIS & HERSCHEL WEINGROD CRACKED COM Screenwriting partners Timothy Harris & Herschel Weingrod found success with 1983's Trading Places, then went on to write Twins, Kindergarten Cop, and Space Jam.


The tragic reason Zoolander 2 was delayed.

Zoolander DRAKE SATHER CRACKED.COM Comedian Drake Sather created (and named) Derek Zoolander, and wrote sketches that he and Ben Stiller molded into the screenplay. Не sadly killed himself in 2004, and Stiller dedicated the 2016 sequel to him.

Esquire / Reddit 

Not the only Spielberg in the game.

Big ANNE SPIELBERG & GARY ROSS GRACKED.COM Steven Spielberg's sister Anne Spielberg and her then neighbor Gary Ross wrote the 1988 Tom Hanks classic Big. The screenplay was nominated for an Oscar, and Ross went on to write Pleasantville, Seabiscuit and The Hunger Games.

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