15 Sitcom Characters Whose Personalities Changed Completely

It wasn’t just Flanders who was Flanderized.
15 Sitcom Characters Whose Personalities Changed Completely

Okay, they’re not canceling our show, but if we want it to have some longevity, it could use some course correction. Great sitcoms are all about the characters. If we love them, we’ll come back week after week to see what kind of insanity they get up to next. So, whether it was directly after the pilot, or within the first few seasons, the show felt like these now-beloved characters needed to change.

Why some characters get a revamp, and some characters need to die or disappear is a mystery. For example, in Parks & Rec, Mark Brendanawicz is completely written off the show, but Andy Dwyer changes from a selfish slob to a lovable member of the Parks Department (and then into a hot slob??).

 And, as you’ll see, not every change was a good one. For better or for worse, the personalities of these 15 sitcom characters changed courses completely.

Jan Levinson - The Office

Jan went from uptight to unhinged. THE OFFICE CRACKED.COM Initially, Jan was no-nonsense and represented corporate values. Не character soon begins to unravel into a boob job, scented candles, releasing Michael's diary, and clearly taking her assistant, Hunter's virginity.


Ralph from Happy Days

Ralph Malph WEST HAPPY DAYS HIGH SCHOOL TRESPASS FC as on CRACKED.COM In the 4th episode of Season 1, Ralph Malph lost his hip, more Fonzie-like traits and became the dork he'd be for the next 250 episodes.


Carlton Banks - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Carlton almost changed actors after the pilot. THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR CRACKED.COM In the pilot, Carlton was pretentious but muted-so muted that Alfonso Ribeiro was almost recast. They luckily kept him, but his nerdy, rich boy ways were played right up. Не relies heavily on Geoffrey (the butler) and becomes an antagonist to Will.

Digital Spy

Ned Flanders - The Simpsons

Oh, that's where the term Flanderization comes from. THE SIMPSONS HOLY BIBLE CRACKED COM Not overly religious, and even a bit spicy in The Simpsons pilot, Flanders quickly became religion-obsessed. Writers said that he was deliberately changed to satirize the growing influence of Christianity in politics at the time.


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