Over the years, we've seen several absolutely fantastic sitcoms that have provided us with some truly remarkable characters. But which one of those great characters deserves to be inducted into a comedic hall of fame and action?

After a lengthy, stressful day, there are very few things greater than simply putting down on a couch and watching a fantastic sitcom. The ability to unwind and chuckle at the antics of one's favorite characters when they're out of their daily lives can do wonders for daily stress.

With over a hundred votes cast across multiple programs over the last few decades, it's safe to say that perhaps the top-13 comedy characters have certainly made their impact. It's worth investigating who has been named to the exclusive list, as this will encourage individuals who are unfamiliar with the characters to watch the shows on which they appear.

Here are 13 characters from classic sitcoms who died in prime time.

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