15 Odd Sounds And Transmissions That Baffled Scientists

Unsolved mysteries abound.
15 Odd Sounds And Transmissions That Baffled Scientists

Ah, the mysteries of the world! From the deep oceans to the far reaches of outer space, there is always something mysterious and unknown to be discovered. But what is it that makes these mysteries so captivating? Is it the thrill of the unknown, the challenge of solving a seemingly unsolvable puzzle, or the sheer awe of encountering something that defies explanation? Whatever the answer may be, it is clear that the mysteries of the world have captivated the human imagination for centuries. 

This list is a compilation of some of the most mysterious sounds that have been heard around the world, from the Caribbean Sea to the icy depths of Antarctica. From unexplained rumblings to coded messages, these sounds have baffled scientists and researchers for years. Join us as we explore the mysteries of these sounds, from the mundane to the downright bizarre. Who knows, perhaps you will be the one to uncover the truth behind these unsolved mysteries!

Mysterious Moodus Noises: Witches, Devil, or micro-earthquakes?

CRACKED MACHIMOODUS A CONNECTICUT STATE PARK MOODUS NOISES Moodus, Connecticut is known for its strange subterranean thunder known as the Moodus Noises, which have been attributed to a god, evil spirits, witches, and the Devil. Science has since explained the noises as resulting from minor earthquakes called micro-earthquakes.

Atlas Obscura

Tune in to the mysterious MDZhB: aliens, submarines, or something else?

CRACKED MDZHB MDZhB has been broadcasting a dull, monotonous tone since 1982, with occasional words in Russian read out, and no one knows why. It is thought to be the headquarters of a radio station belonging to the Russian military, and theories range from keeping in touch with submarines to communing with aliens.


Iceberg meets seafloor: hear the epic 7-minute soundtrack.

CRACKED A 7-MINUTE MUSICAL JOURNEY ACROSS THE PACIFIC. Slow Down was recorded in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean and is likely the result of a large iceberg grounding on the seafloor. It slowly descends in frequency over 7 minutes and was heard on three sensors at a range of nearly 5,000 km, likely due to the South American continent blocking the great circle path.

PMEL / New Scientist 

Mysterious sound heard in Pacific: iceberg grounding off Antarctica?

CRACKED MYSTERIOUS SOUND: ICEBERG'S CALLING CARD FROM BRANSFIELD STRAITS? A sound was recorded on March 1, 1999 on the eastern equatorial Pacific autonomous hydrophone array that is believed to be from a large iceberg grounding off Antarctica. The point of origin is uncertain, but is likely to be between Bransfield Straits and Саре Adare.

PMEL / Britannica 

“The Bloop” mystery solved: Icebergs aren’t so silent after all.

CRACKED ANTARCTICA'S MYSTERIOUS BLOOP. The mysterious sound known as The Bloop was recorded in the 90s and was eventually discovered to be an iceberg cracking and breaking away from an Antarctic glacier.

Ocean Service

“Gangnam Style” meets Cold War espionage: UVB-76’s strange messages.

CRACKED MYSTERIOUS WWI STATION BROADCASTS CODED MESSAGES. UVB-76, a Russian number station, has been broadcasting strange messages, including memes and the song Gangnam Style, which is thought to be a tool of the Russian state to communicate with agents. The station has been around since World War I, but became more prolific during the Cold War, and is sometimes used to send coded instructions to agents in the field.

IFL Science

Explosive booms heard around the world: seismologists on the case.

CRACKED SKYQUAKES Skyquakes are mysterious sounds reported all around the world, often described as an explosive boom rumbling in the distance. Seismologists are investigating these unexplained noises to try and find a satisfactory explanation for them.

Forbes / Wikipedia 

Mysterious sound in Taos: paranormal or physiological?

CRACKED UNCOVERING THE TRUTH BEHIND THE TAOS HUM: MIND-BOGGLING OR MUNDANE? The Taos Hum is a mysterious sound heard by some residents of Taos, New Mexico, which has been attributed to a variety of sources ranging from mundane to paranormal. Investigations have revealed that there may be more than one explanation for the sound, and it may be a result of psychological and physiological processes.

Live Science

Aliens or apocalypse? Oregon suburb’s shriek remains unsolved.

CRACKED Papa Murphy's PIZZA COMBO MAGNIFICO LARGE $ و FAM S II NAILS PACIFIC 9 AKE PACIFIC NAILS SOLAR SALE MANCORE PO -FACIAL WAXING 911 POLICE - Now 03-357-00P FOREST GROVE DID OREGONIAN POLICE SCARE OFF AN ALIEN? The mysterious nighttime shriek that plagued an Oregon suburb abruptly ceased after a warning from police, leaving the origin of the sound a mystery that may never be solved. Residents of the city speculated that the sound could be anything from a defective water valve to aliens or a signal for the end of times.


“Pinging” heard in Canada’s Nunavut: Mystery unsolved.

CRACKED MYSTERIOUS NOISE BAFFLES CANADIAN MILITARY. A mysterious pinging noise has been heard in the Fury and Hecla Strait in Canada's Nunavut region, and the Canadian Department of National Defence has been unable to identify the source. Locals have different theories, but no source has been confirmed.

Live Science

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