15 Bizarre Things Which Mysteriously Disappeared

What do you follow when the map itself is lost?
15 Bizarre Things Which Mysteriously Disappeared

Like inspirations for Pictofact intros disappearing as randomly as they emerged, sometimes the most bizarre things vanish without a clue. In this Pictofact, then, we, erm, we… Alright, we lost inspiration. Anyway, kittens! Alright, we got it back. In this Pictofact, we take a look at 15 of the most bizarre things that have mysteriously disappeared. We tried not to focus on people, but if that’s what gives you the heebie-jeebies, trust us, we’ve tapped that well, erm, well tapped? That doesn’t even make sense, what are we doing?

Fluffier kittens! OK, weird things disappearing, yes, got it. We tried to focus on stuff, but we did leave room for a few people going missing, particularly when they themselves were already singular and then disappeared under truly weird circumstances. Plus, we also focused on actual mysteries. No woo-woo alien theories here, just bizarre stuff that disappeared when it perhaps shouldn’t have. Like the fluffiest-of-kittens video we had prepared. Where the where did we put it? See? See what we’re talking about?

Easy Rider's Bikes

Things that mysteriously disappeared Easy Rider motorcycles Those two badass choppers bikes from Easy Rider were custom-made. Two of each were built, but three of the bikes went missing from their storage garage right before the film's premiere in 1969. CRACKED.COM

Columbia Pictures


Metropolis' Robot

Things that mysteriously disappeared Metropolis' original Robot-Person Several replicas of the iconic Maschinenmensch exist, but the 1927 original was sculpted directly on the actress' plaster cast by designer Walter Schulze- Mittendorff, meaning there weren't any copies. Nobody knows what happened to the original model. CRACKED.COM

Babelsberg Studios


Iron Man's Suit

Things that mysteriously disappeared The original Iron Man suit Iron Man's 2008 red-and-gold costume was announced to have been stolen in 2018. Valued around $325,000, the suit was being kept in a prop storage warehouse in Los Angeles. We kinda want to high-five the culprits, but also, dick move, guys. CRACKED.COM

Marvel Studios


The Goonies' Map

Things that mysteriously disappeared The treasure map from the Goonies After filming, Sean Astin took the map home with true Goony (Goonie?) energy. Eventually his mother, actress Patty Duke, sold the home-and as for the map, Astin suspects she threw it out. Maybe one of my friends took it from my room. Who knows. OREGON 3 CRACKED.COM

Amblin Entertainment, Warner Bros.


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