15 Comedies That Should Not Have Been Saved

15 Comedies That Should Not Have Been Saved

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We did it! Or they did it! Either way… Whether we the fans successfully petitioned for a show’s return, or the network remembered how much they like money and gave an old successful show a reboot, it’s back, baby! Now, hopefully it’s every bit as good as we hope it could… Oof, that’s just disappointing. And it could’ve been so good! It’s like when a band reunites after a decade, and you’re pumped at first, but then you realize you’re not 17 anymore. Or like getting back together with an ex. Those first few days are lovely, then they do that thing you hate again, and you realize why you can’t stand them anymore!

It’s okay for a great piece of art to just exist as it is! Maybe we just give it a once-over every few years and remember how great it was, or we’ll run the risk of sullying its good name. Don’t believe us, here’s 15 examples of zombie shows that should’ve just stayed dead.  


COMEDIES that shouldn't have been saved COMMUNITY Some mantras aren't meant to be. After five seasons, Yahoo! Screen helped fulfill Community's #sixseasonsandamovie mantra by producing that sixth season. Most cast members moved on, and it failed to recapture the magic of those early seasons. #andamovie looks bleak. CRACKED

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'The Muppets'

COMEDIES that shouldn't have been saved THE MUPPETS aren't for the small screen. After their TV heights from 1976 to 1981, Muppets movies did well but two separate Disney revivals, Miss Piggy and Muppets Now, were complete flops. CRACKED



'The Odd Couple'

COMEDIES that shouldn't have been saved THE ODD COUPLE Grown men living together isn't crazy anymore. The original worked in the late '60s, because two divorced men becoming roommates was an outlandish concept. In 2015, we just had 12 seasons of an odd couple on Two and a Half Men, so rehashing this old premise was futile. CRACKED



'The Munsters Today'

COMEDIES that shouldn't have been saved THE MUNSTERS TODAY A revival, a reboot, a regret. This 1988 reboot is technically a revival of the original Munsters, since the first episode continues the original series in 1966. Cheaply made with cheesy jokes, it paled in comparison to the original. CRACKED



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