Monks on Meth and Accidental Opium: 15 Bizarre Facts from Around the World

Monks on Meth and Accidental Opium: 15 Bizarre Facts from Around the World

From the Middle East to the Far East, from the United States to Australia, the world is full of strange and fascinating facts. From the bizarre to the downright outrageous, these 15 facts from around the world will leave you scratching your head and wondering what else is out there. 

From Qatar's disapproval of the "OneLove" armband to Elon Musk's loosening of Twitter control, from monks sent to rehab to a French court ruling that a "fun and pro" company culture is unlawful, these facts will take you on a journey around the world. You'll learn about a Tasmanian flower farmer who mistakenly grew opium poppies, a Monopoly game gone wrong, a World Health Organization name change, and a student who ordered a MacBook Air but received Weetabix instead. 

You'll also hear about a Bondi Beach strip-off to fight skin cancer, a judge-ordered sentence for voter fraudsters, a Facebook faux pas in Fiji, and a Chinese company caught in the political crossfire. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we explore 15 bizarre facts from around the world!

M&G Stationery caught in political crossfire as white paper protests rock China.

CRACKED BLANK PAPER PROTESTS GET STATIONERY COMPANY IN TROUBLE. Protests against Covid lockdowns and political freedoms spread across China, with demonstrators holding up pieces of blank white paper in a symbolic protest. Chinese firm M&G Stationery's stock tumbled, before they denied rumors that it would ban A4 white paper sheets nationwide.


North Korea to host the World Cup? Infantino says, "Why not!"

CRACKED HOW CAN FIFA COURT EVEN MORE CONTROVERSY? HOLD THE WORLD CUP IN NORTH KOREA. FIFA is open to North Korea hosting the World Cup, despite controversy already surrounding Qatar's 2022 hosting rights. FIFA's president has visited North Korea, with hopes of them joining South Korea for a Women's World Cup bid. 2 20

Sports Brief

Yoshihito's online order went terribly wrong: Weetabix instead of MacBook Air.

CRACKED A STUDENT RECEIVED WEETABIX INSTEAD OF A МАСВООК. A student at the University of East Anglia was left with two boxes of Weetabix instead of his ordered MacBook Air after placing an order on Amazon. His boss believes he has been scammed and is trying to help him get out of this horrible mess. 24 Weetabix FIOR S - I AS e J . - I P INSTANTLY ONLINE a 2 SIES AVANABLE TO - . Weetabix I e 1 Weetabix

The Argus

Facebook faux pas earns Fiji lawyer contempt conviction.

CRACKED A LAWYER WAS FOUND GUILTY OF CONTEMPT (FOR MOCKING A TYPO). A Fiji lawyer has been found guilty of contempt of court for posting on Facebook about an incorrectly spelled judgment. The Attorney General had complained that the post was malicious and mocked the judiciary.

RNZ / Judiciary 

"Introducing Green Sprouts: natural baby products, with a lead-tainted twist!"

CRACKED NATURAL BABY BRAND MAY GIVE YOUR BABY LEAD POISONING. Green Sprouts, a self-described natural baby product brand, is recalling 10,500 of its stainless steel bottles and cups for toddlers due to a risk of lead poisoning from the bottom bases breaking off and exposing kids to solder dots containing lead.

NBC / Simplemost 

John Armstrong's game night went wrong.

CRACKED A GUY CHASED HIS FAMILY WITH A GUN OVER A MONOPOLY GAME. An Oklahoma man was arrested after chasing his stepfather and stepsister down the street while pointing a gun at them. Не fired one shot at the ground, before surrendering to police, who were unable to find the weapon. MU S g POLY

KTUL / Gamesver 

Monkeypox no more: WHO declares name change to "mpox."

CRACKED THE WHO IS ADDRESSING MONKEYPOX (BY REBRANDING IT). The World Health Organization announced that they're changing the name of monkeypox to mpox, in order to reduce stigma and discrimination associated with it. We feel better already! il il - un = il Y - = باب - World Health ealth World Health World Health World Health VOS ation Organization Organization Organization Organization il = 00km التناسب = il - - World ealth World ealth VO Organ tion Org = = DE Dr Maria Van Kerkhove Dr Michael J. Ryan Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO DIRECTOR GENERAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR TECHNICAL


Gardening gone wrong: Kate learns the perils of opium poppies the hard way.

CRACKED A POPPY FARMER SAYS SHE GREW OPIUM BY ACCIDENT. A Tasmanian flower farmer issued a warning to other gardeners after mistakenly growing opium poppies, which were found by authorities and removed from her property.

The Guardian

Wohl and Burkman sentenced to serve 500 hours of voter registration.

CRACKED JACOB WOHL FINALLY PUNISHED FOR OVERT VOTER FRAUD. A judge sentenced Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman to 500 hours of voter registration in low-income neighborhoods, after they targeted Black voters with fraudulent robocalls before the 2020 election.

CBS / Wikipedia 

"Jesus told her" to open the plane door-- mayhem ensues.

CRACKED JESUS TOLD HER TO OPEN THE AIRPLANE DOOR. A woman forced a Southwest Airlines flight to make an emergency landing when she said Jesus told her to open the plane door. She also bit another passenger, and was charged with assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction. N757LV Southwest : a Southwest com A 4H-220

Click2Houston / CNN 

Monks off to rehab, temple-goers left meritless.

CRACKED MONKS ON METH: TEMPLE WORSHIPPERS LEFT MONK-LESS. Four monks, including the abbot of a Buddhist temple in Thailand, have been dismissed and sent to drug rehabilitation after failing urine tests administered by police. The incident has left worshippers without any monks for merit-making practices.


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