15 Actors Who Wrote Episodes For Their Own Shows

From Mulder & Scully to Roseanne, it’s all here.
15 Actors Who Wrote Episodes For Their Own Shows

Actors writing their own show episodes? It’s a trend that has been around for decades, from Mulder & Scully to Roseanne. From “Hollywood A.D.”, the X-Files episode written by David Duchovny, to “Don’t Make Me Over” on Roseanne co-written by Sara Gilbert – these 15 actors have all taken pen in hand and created some of our favorite TV moments!

Take Dean Cain, who wrote “Season’s Greedings” for Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman; Chris Colfer with “Old Dog, New Tricks” on Glee; or Mindy Kaling, whose work is so popular it even stumps her fellow writers at The Office. Then there are those like Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos) and Patrick Labyorteaux (JAG), as well as Amy Poehler’s finale “One Last Ride Part 2,” which was praised despite its lack of conflict.

So if you’re looking for an interesting list featuring your favorite shows, then look no further than this collection of 15 Actors Who Wrote Episodes For Their Own Shows!

'The X-Files': David Duchovny, “Hollywood A.D.”

Actors who wrote episodes for their shows The X-Files Hollywood A.D. David Duchovny Mulder and Scully investigate a case involving a Cardinal and a 1960s counter-culturalist, only to find themselves distorted on the big screen when the case becomes the plot of a Hollywood movie. The episode ends with dead people coming to life on the movie set and Mulder and Scully holding hands, hinting at their continued romantic relationship. CRACKED

20th Television

The X-Files Wiki

‘Star Trek’: Brent Spiner (story credit), ‘Star Trek: Nemesis’

Actors who wrote episodes for their shows Star Trek: Nemesis Brent Spiner Spiner gives Data a tragic honor as he strives to understand humanity and dies to save Picard and the crew, while Patrick Stewart brings gravitas to Picard's wistful regret and debates with Shinzon, encouraging him to find redemption. CRACKED

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'Community': Jim Rash, “Basic Human Anatomy”

Actors who wrote episodes for their shows Community Basic Human Anatomy Jim Rash A surprisingly heartfelt episode of Community turns an insipid and unbelievable premise into something enjoyable, thanks to the deft acting and good jokes. CRACKED

Sony Pictures Television

The A.V. Club

CSI: NY: Gary Sinise (co-writer), “Live or Let Die”

Actors who wrote episodes for their shows CSI: NY Live or Let Die Gary Sinise The team investigates the hijacking of a helicopter carrying a liver for a transplant, as well as the rape and murder of a restaurant hostess. Through their investigation, they uncover a conspiracy involving an inside job and a desperate doctor. CRACKED


CSI | Fandom

'Parks and Recreation': Amy Poehler (co-writer), One Last Ride, Part 2”

Actors who wrote episodes for their shows Parks and Recreation One Last Ride, Part 2 Amy Poehler The series finale was criticized for being overly sentimental and providing closure for every character, with no real conflict or difficulty. Despite this, the show was praised for its sophisticated and pointed satire. CRACKED


The New Yorker

'Star Trek: Voyager: Robert Picardo' (story credit), "Life Line"

Actors who wrote episodes for their shows Star Trek: Voyager Life Line Robert Picardo The Doctor is sent to the Alpha Quadrant to cure the dying creator of his program, Lewis Zimmerman, but the holographic engineer wants no part of him. Commander Deanna Troi is brought in to help them resolve their differences, but the situation only worsens. CRACKED

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The A.V. Club

'JAG' Patrick Labyorteaux, "JAG TV "

Actors who wrote episodes for their shows JAG JAG TV Patrick Labyorteaux In the fifth episode of JAG's sixth season, Mac prosecutes a Navy Ensign accused of murder, and Harm investigates a sailor's apparent suicide on the U.S.S. Seahawk. CRACKED

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NCIS Database

'One Tree Hill': Chad Michael Murray, "We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)"

Actors who wrote episodes for their shows One Tree Hill We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) Chad Michael Murray Lucas Scott transforms Karen's Cafe into a glamorous nightclub and is visited by his rival Dan Scott, who threatens Brooke and Peyton. Meanwhile, Nathan and Haley share a romantic day together before Nathan is called up to fight in the war. CRACKED

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One Tree Hill Wiki

'The Sopranos': Michael Imperioli, "Christopher Columbus"

Actors who wrote episodes for their shows HOL The Sopranos Christopher Columbus Michael Imperioli Christopher Columbus led to the worst ever episode of The Sopranos, written by Imperioli, and filled with clunky dialogue and wrongheaded politics. CRACKED



'Glee': Chris Colfer. “Old Dog, New Tricks”

Actors who wrote episodes for their shows Glee Old Dog, New Tricks Chris Colfer Santana attempts to help Rachel with her flagging public image, while Kurt helps a home for retired Broadway performers with their production of Peter Pan. Sam adopts a dog, and Rachel organizes a publicity event for the rescue dogs' home. CRACKED

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