15 Celebs We Never Knew Recorded An Album

15 Celebs We Never Knew Recorded An Album

In this list, you'll find some of the worst offenders when it comes to celebrities trying their hand at music. From Bruce Willis's crooning to Shaq's rapping, there is something here for everyone who enjoys a good "so bad it's good" album.

Looking for something to listen to on your next murderous rampage? Look no further than Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 classic, Music to Be Murdered By. This album is a perfect mix of songs and monologues delivered by the Master of Suspense himself, guaranteed to get you in the mood for some mayhem.

But Hitchcock isn't the only one with an interesting foray into music. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali released a children's comedy in 1976 about fighting tooth decay, while Terry Bradshaw put out a heart-wrenching country ballad that will make you so lonesome, you'll be begging for someone to cry with. And who could forget Macho Man Randy Savage's hilariously terrible rap album from 1988? There's truly something for everyone on this list!

Music to be Murdered By: the perfect album for your next murderous rampage!

Alfred Hitchcock ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY CRACKED.COM Alfred Hitchcock's only album, Music to Be Murdered By, was released in 1958. The album is a mix of songs and monologues delivered by the Master of Suspense himself.

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Muhammad Ali, world-famous boxer and legendary trash-talker, dabbled in the music industry with a record about the dangers of sugar.

Muhammad Ali ALI AND HIS GANG VS. MR. TOOTH DECAY CRACKED.COM In 1976, Muhammad Ali recorded a musical cautionary tale against the dangers of ingesting too much sugar called Ali and His Gang Vs. Mr. Tooth Decay. The record is a children's comedy that has become a collectors' item, but it is not widely known outside the realm of quirky record aficionados.

MentalFloss / History 

Comedian Arsenio Hall dons a fat suit and funky attitude to sell rap as Chunky A.

Arsenio Hall LARGE & IN CHARGE CRACKED.COM Chunky A, an alter ego of comedian Arsenio Hall, helps him sell albums by adding funky music to comedy. Many guys will crack up at lascivious songs like Dipstick +, Stank Breath and Но Is Lazy, but some women won't be able to see the humor for the sexism. The album ends on a serious note with the anti-drug plea Dope, The Big Lie.

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This heart-wrenching country ballad will make you so lonesome, you'll be begging for someone to cry with.

Terry Bradshaw I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY CRACKED.COM I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry is a widely acclaimed country song written by Hank Williams. Terry Bradshaw recorded a cover in 1976 that charted on the Billboard Country Singles at No. 17.

Country Thang Daily / Country Rebel 

The New York Mets are more than just a baseball team -- they're also recording artists.

The NY Mets THE AMAZING METS ALONSO SCOBAR 20 Mets 10 13 CRACKED.COM In 1969, the New York Mets won both the National League East division title and the World Series. To celebrate their successes, the team recorded an album of songs and made a live appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Mets Heritage / Amazing Avenue 

Can you solve the riddle on the back of Crispin Glover's 1989 album The Big Problem ≠ The Solution. The Solution = Let It Be?

Crispin Glover THE BIG PROBLEM THE SOLUTION. THE SOLUTION = LET IT BE CRACKED.COM In 1989, Crispin Glover released an album titled The Big Problem The Solution. The Solution = Let It Be, which presented itself as a riddle. On the back cover of the album was a collage of nine items with a phone number inviting listeners to call and guess what they all had in common.

Dangerous Minds / Vanity Fair 

Macho Man Randy Savage's only rap album is so bad, you might actually enjoy it.

Macho Man Randy Savage BE A MAN CRACKED.COM Savage's only rap album is full of terrible lyrics, unoriginality, and annoyance. The best track on the album is R U Ready, which is simply the least worst.

Bleacher Report

Mae West's final attempt at showbiz triumph was not to be.

Mae West WAY OUT WEST Come on up and Rock with Me CRACKED.COM In 1966, Mae West made a comeback attempt in showbiz with her album Way Out West. The album featured covers of popular songs by artists such as The Beatles and Percy Sledge. Despite being an extremely talented playwright and actress, West's final attempt at showbiz triumph was not to be.


In 1973, America's favorite cowboy released an album of patriotic poems set to music.

John Wayne AMERICA, WHY I LOVE HER CRACKED.COM In 1973, John Wayne released America, Why I Love Her. The album showcases him reciting patriotic poems written by actor John Mitchum with backing from a choir and orchestra.

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A solo album by Tim Curry about America and money is probably not what you're expecting, but it's worth a listen.

Tim Curry FEARLESS CRACKED.COM Fearless is Tim Curry's second album as a solo artist, containing mostly original material. The album explores America and money, with a dark but ultimately kinda celebratory vision.

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For all the Leonard Nimoy fans out there who also enjoy a good Vulcan Transfusion: his first LP is available on Dot Records.

Leonard Nimoy LEONARD NIMOY PRESENTS MR. SPOCK'S MUSIC FROM OUTER SPACE CRACKED.COM Released in 1967, Leonard Nimoy's first LP was recorded in his Mr. Spock persona and released by Dot Records. The album became popular among fans of the original Star Trek series, with one fan in particular suggesting that it be enjoyed while drinking Vulcan Transfusion.

Fanlore / Star Trek 

Wilford Brimley, of Quaker Oats and Cocoon fame, teams up with Jeff Hamilton's trio for a charming evening of well known classics.

Wilford Brimley WILFORD BRIMLEY WITH THE JEFF HAMILTON TRIO CRACKED.COM While not a classically trained vocalist, Wilford Brimley's delivery of well known classics backed by Jeff Hamilton's trio is kinda charming. With a focus on the story told through the lyrics, Brimley is bolstered well by Hamilton and company.

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Shaquille O'Neal's 1992 debut album "Shaq Diesel" is an atrociously hilarious trainwreck of corny sound effects and terrible lines.

Shaquille O'Neal SHAQUILLE O'NEAL SHAQ DIESEL was II SHAR DIESEL CRACKED.COM Shaquille O'Neal's 1992 debut album, Shaq Diesel is full of hilariously terrible lines and corny sound effects. Although there are a few shining moments, the overall mediocrity of the record makes it nearly impossible to take seriously.

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Bruce Willis thought he could sing, but we all know better.

Bruce Willis THE RETURN OF BRUNO CRACKED.COM Bruce Willis had a short-lived music career in the late 1980s, during which he released an album and starred in a mockumentary. The Return of Bruno reached number 14 on the Billboard 200 and its lead single, Respect Yourself, reached number five.

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