15 Pearls of Wisdom from the Animaniacs

15 Pearls of Wisdom from the Animaniacs

In the information age, wisdom comes from all angles. We’ve learned a lot from TikTok lately, and to be completely honest, whenever we’ve said, “Oh, I read that somewhere,” that somewhere was a meme. To pull a solid, “Back in my day,” before the internet showered us with information, we learned a thing or two from retro cartoons. Just a thing or two, because a lot of those jokes flew right over our innocent little heads.

Those boingy little Warners of Animaniacs delved into some adult themes, and we didn’t fully realize it until we ourselves experienced some adult themes. Imagine that… Needing to mature a little to fully appreciate one of the zaniest cartoons ever made. Looking back, they actually had some surprisingly profound pearls of wisdom, and of course morality, to throw our way, and would ya look at that… we stumbled upon 15 of those little pearls right now!

Elvis was the friends we made along the way

Yakko gives us Elvis' whereabouts: CRACKED.COM Elvis lives on in our hearts, in his music, and in a trailer park outside Milwaukee.

Quote Soup / B98 

Urban legends

We learn to never do what Randy Beaman and his brother do: CRACKED.COM One time, ok, see, one time Randy Beeman's brother ate Pop Rocks and drank a soda at the same time, and his head exploded. 'Kay, bye.

IMDB / YouTube 

The Animaniacs Extended Universe

Yakko hints at the Bubble Theory and the possibility of a multiverse: CRACKED.COM 'Cause there's a hundred billion galaxies that stretch across the sky Filled with constellations, planets, moons and stars And still the universe extends to a place that never ends Which is maybe just inside a little jar!


Go with your gut

Dot teaches us to trust our instincts: GRACKED.COM All we know is that we like you. We have no taste, but we like you.


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