There's clearly something wildly intoxicating about celebrity. Some people spend entirely lifetimes toiling in obscurity to achieve it, even though it's abundantly clear that there's no relief, no lasting high if and when it's achieved. People who are already celebrities are the ones who will go to the greatest, most asinine lengths to get just one more hit of that sweet, sweet notoriety. We've got bands and 90's sitcom stars dropping fake dirty tapes. We've got media personalities making up half-assed stories about seeing real combat in war-torn countries. In the 80's, we had a talk show host ripping up his clothes and drawing on himself with permanent marker in an airport bathroom, in an attempt to somehow make people… like him more? 

Of course, in the modern era, we're going to have celebs trying unsuccessfully to harness the power of social media to get one last huff of fame. For example: Woody Harrelson doing a Reddit AMA, and Bill Cosby requesting that the internet make him a meme.

Lots more yikes below:

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