Ways Pro Sports Venues Mess With the Visiting Team

Ways Pro Sports Venues Mess With the Visiting Team

With millions of dollars on the line, everyone in the highly-competitive sports world is constantly looking for an edge. Some of these edges are completely within the rules, and the realm of good sportsmanship. But some edges are on the edge of crossing into seriously unsportsmanlike conduct. 

Home field/court/rink advantage is the one place where venues can take serious liberties with visiting teams. We’re not accusing anyone of outright cheating here, but there’s no denying that, to gain an advantage, steps were taken to make a visitor’s experience less-than hospital.

The visiting athletes clearly took issue, but since we’ll never be preparing for a game in those venues (not, like, because we don't have the athletic ability… we just CHOOSE not to), we can just sit back and take in the hilarity. So, for all you professional sports team owners who are looking for an edge, here are 15 ways that sports venues messed with visiting teams. 

Auburn’s visiting locker room has a room with a view.

CRACKED BC SEC 75 T SEC كر AUBURN'S VISITING LOCKER ROOM DOESN'T HAVE DOORS ON THE BATHROOM STALLS. Jordan-Hare Stadium took the doors off of the bathroom stalls in the visiting locker room. Tennessee's Jerome Carvin said, They're terrible. You walk past dudes like in the stall... It was the worst experience away that I had.

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The Washington Capitals promote team bonding.

CRACKED CAPITAL ONE ARENA WAS VOTED THE WORST VISITING LOCKER ROOM IN THE NHL. In a recent poll, 42% of NHL players said that Washington's Capital One Arena had the worst visiting locker room. One player compared the shower to a prison shower, with just one pole in the middle for all to share.


Little of this $5B Stadium went to visiting locker room design.

CRACKED SoFi Stadium SoFi Stadium SAMSUNG of 2 LEVO 4/0 5/0 Alos ao- de ... THE MOST EXPENSIVE STADIUM IN THE WORLD HAS A LESS-THAN-IDEAL VISITING LOCKER ROOM. At $5 billion, The L.A Rams' Sofi Stadium is the most expensive stadium in the world. Raiders coach Jon Gruden said the visiting room is the most bizarre thing he's ever seen. You can't see anybody. It's like a maze. Whoever contorted this, I'd like to meet this guy. See what his idea was.

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The Panthers are in for a rude awakening.

CRACKED LG THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS DISRUPT CAROLINA'S SLEEP. Before the Carolina Panthers played in Seattle, their hotel's fire alarm went off at 5:40 a.m. on Sunday morning. It was later discovered that only the 16th floor alarm was pulled - the floor where the Panthers were staying.


The Iowa Pinkeyes.

CRACKED Mizuno кротки 4 33 43 15 2 40 6 9 9 A FORMER COACH HAD KINNICK STADIUM'S VISITING LOCKER ROOM PAINTED PINK. In 1979, lowa's then-coach Hayden Fry had Kinnick Stadium's visiting locker room walls, lockers, and even urinals painted pink for a psychological advantage over opponents. The school renovated the stadium in 2005, but kept the visiting room pink.


The Colorado Avalanche want you to come up here and say that!

CRACKED 7 CEN POI 35 Baue VAUGHN UER WARRIOR MAUGHN COLORADO'S VISITING TEAMS ROUTINELY BATTLE ALTITUDE SICKNESS. Colorado players live and train in the Mile High City, but teams popping in for a game at 5,280-foot elevation must play through altitude sickness. Visiting coaches aim to arrive days in advance to give players time to adjust.

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Washington didn’t withhold fresh towels, but they did withhold millions of dollars.

CRACKED FedEx WASHINGTON 0330 FedEx BOLD CIROC Fed - - C GEICO GEICO GEICO GEICO GEICO GEICO GEICO WASH/NGTON FOOTBALL and NO ONIHS THE WASHINGTON COMMANDERS HELD BACK VISITING TEAMS' TICKET REVENUE. NFL bylaws require all home teams to share 40% of its ticket sales with each visiting team, but an ongoing investigation alleges that the Washington Commanders withheld that revenue with its visiting rivals.

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The Miami Dolphins will make you feel the heat.

CRACKED 60 40 60 40 80 20 80 20 10 20 0 30 100 -10 o 10 20 10 30 40 o 100 o -20 -20 40 50 120 :30 -30 60 -20 - 40 -20 I -40 60 120 D 140 -40 -40 ACURITE. 140 ACU-RITE, VIKINGS SIDELINE DOLPHINS SIDELINE BEXEL IN HARD ROCK STADIUM, THE TEMPERATURE IS DRASTICALLY HIGHER ON THE VISITING SIDE. A split screen of thermometers on Hard Rock Stadium's field showed that the Dolphin's side was 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but the visiting Minnesota Vikings' side was a whopping 122 degrees!

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