The Most Badass (And Most Disappointing) Band Reunions

The Most Badass (And Most Disappointing) Band Reunions

It would be lovely if every band could just get along and create that special sound forever. Realistically, we know how hard it is for any group of creative people to stay on a unified creative path (but we secretly love that breakup drama). Sometimes they break up over a specific song, personality clashes, or they met as teenagers and they’re just growing apart. That’s all pretty reasonable, but it didn’t stop us from crying our eyes out, begging for a day where we could see them again.

Then… It happened. They had their fun with their side projects, but it was time to get the ol’ band back together. Unless former members were completely disowned, they reunited for a tour, and maybe even a new album! Fans everywhere were thrilled, and as you’ll see, sometimes they were more than satisfied, and sometimes they were more than certain the end was really the end. Here’s a mixed bag of completely badass and completely disappointing band reunions.

Van Halen and Sammy Hagar’s love-hate, love-hate relationship.

Van Halen: Disappointing CRACKED.COM Van Halen reunited with Hagar in 2004, but they clashed immediately, and Hagar even quit, but was legally forced to stay. The last show saw a drunk Eddie Van Halen smash his guitar, and yell You don't understand! to fans before storming off stage.


The Zeppelin Family Reunion.

Led Zeppelin: Badass CRACKED.COM Zeppelin reunions flip-flopped between disappointment and badassery, but in 2007, fans witnessed the closest thing to an original member reunion. The late John Bonham's son, Jason, played drums alongside Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones.


Axl Rose broke a leg (but like, in a bad way).

Guns 'n' Roses: Badass & Disappointing 25 505 0 En!! CRACKED.COM Countless fans complained about Axl Rose's clearly ravaged singing voice, and the fact he was sitting (due to a broken foot). But over $600 million later, their 2016 reunion tour Not in this Lifetime is the 3rd highest grossing tour in music history.


The Who blew it at the Super Bowl.

The Who: Disappointing CRACKED.COM After The Who broke up in 1983, they reunited in 1989, 1996, and the early 2000's, before an ill-prepared Super Bowl Halftime set was labeled one of Rolling Stone magazine's worst Halftime performances of all time.


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