18 Facts About Horror Movies You Can Catch On Streaming

You can watch these as Halloween Ends (including 'Halloween Ends')
18 Facts About Horror Movies You Can Catch On Streaming

This is it. The very last weekend for spooky season this year. Halloween is officially here. Come November 1st, all of the decor has to be taken down. The spiderwebs will be replaced with garland. The 12-foot-tall skeleton will be replaced with an inflatable turkey. The carved pumpkins will be replaced with regular pumpkins. It’ll soon be over.

But you still have this weekend to make the most of it. You can have one last marathon of all the horror movies you can handle. Several classic scary films can be found on multiple streaming services and, let’s be honest, you have more than one available to you. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, you have access to something somewhere to get something scary. Let’s go out with a scream or two.

Here are some facts about some horror movies you can check out on various streaming services before Halloween ends (including Halloween Ends).

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Horror movies on streaming Tucker & Dale prime video vs. Evil The DVD release included a special feature cut of the film from the college kids' POV, seeing Tucker and Dale as evil murderers. CRACKED.COM

Magnet Releasing

DVD Talk

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Horror movies on streaming A Nightmare HBO on Elm Street max Freddy wears a red and green sweater because Wes Craven read on Scientific American that the human eye doesn't like seeing those colors together. CRACKED.COM

Warner Bros. Pictures

Screen Rant


Horror movies on streaming HBO NETFLIX It max Even though Derry, Maine is supposed to be your typical New England town, the scenes were actually shot in Port Hope, Canada. CRACKED.COM

Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema


Halloween Ends

Horror movies on streaming Halloween Ends Jeremy watches The Thing on TV, peacock another John Carpenter franchise. CRACKED.COM

Universal Pictures


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