15 Prison Escapes That Are Worthy of Hollywood

Most of these are less 'Mission: Impossible' and more 'The Naked Gun 33⅓,' but that's still Hollywood.
15 Prison Escapes That Are Worthy of Hollywood

This might just be the annoying little contrarian in us, but there is a certain honor in prison breaks. Now, don’t get us wrong: We mean a certain honor, because an informed and critical understanding of the objective problems with the carceral system does not mean we support actual criminals escaping. Humane, rehabilitating treatment, yes, of course — but also, there is a certain lure in the idea of the criminal mind just figuring out how to break from prison. Is there? We think there is. Or we might just be thinking of Magneto’s escape in X2.

The point is that prison breaks tend to be wild. Unless you just punch your way out like Tom Cruise in that Mission: Impossible film that isn’t one of the good ones, in real life you have to use your brains. But using your brains can also mean painting fruit as weapons, squeezing in a doggie carrier, or just walking out, like, literally getting up and walking (hey, sometimes the smartest solution is the most obvious one). In this Pictofact, then, we take a look at 15 prison escapes worthy of Hollywood. Not really X2 or a Mission:Impossible movie, though. More like Naked Gun 33⅓, but Hollywood nonetheless.

Escape from Alcatraz

PRISON ESCAPES THE ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (AS SEEN IN ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ) Alcatraz was deemed impossible to escape. In 1962, however, three people climbed out air ducts they spent six months widening. The truly insane part, though, is that they disappeared into the night in a makeshift rubber raft, wearing life preservers made out of raincoats - after stuffing their beds with decoy papier- mâché doubles. Yes, exactly like in teen movies. CRACKED.COM

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