15 Amazing Technological Advancements by Kids and Teenagers

Don't compare them with Elon Musk -- these kids are ACTUALLY cool.
15 Amazing Technological Advancements by Kids and Teenagers

Quickly, everybody think of an inventor. No, not Steve Jobs, he was a tweaker. No, not Elon Musk, he’s a hype-man (and many other things, but do not even get us started). Also, no, not Thomas Edi – no, wait, actually, yes, exactly like Thomas Edison. We’re team Nikola Tesla anyway, but Thomas “elephants are overrated” Edison works just fine. We tend to think of inventors as grown-ass men, like Edison, Tesla, Graham Bell, Leonardo, or Homer Simpson. But considering the insane creativity that characterizes childhood, it is no surprise some of it becomes actual badass inventions.

In this Pictofact, we discuss 15 amazing technological advancements made by kids and teenagers. We’re also considering a few youngsters in their early 20s, because of reasons we still need to come up with but that’ll absolutely convince you, trust us. In each case, though, what we will witness is the unbound imagination of the early years. These young people saw a problem, figured out how to solve it, and in the older cases, we’re still enjoying the world they helped create. You know, the world that the mere existence of people like Elon Musk is quickly turning into a wasteland. Quickly, everybody ask your 12-year-old family members what to do about billionaires.

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