25 Recent News Bites About Biden's Pants, Artificial Intelligence, And A Radioactive Elementary School

A Manhattan congressional candidate made a porn video to amplify his sex positive platform.
25 Recent News Bites About Biden's Pants, Artificial Intelligence, And A Radioactive Elementary School

In the wake of the Supreme Court's recent decision to reverse Roe v Wade, more and more people across the United States are now looking for vasectomies. This surge in demand is due to people wanting to take matters into their own hands when it comes to preventing pregnancy – and one mobile clinic, called the “Nutcracker”, even has a program offering 60 free snips over three days! In only slightly more odd news, Rick Caruso, a billionaire real estate developer and candidate for Los Angeles mayor, recently made headlines after declaring that he's not white - he's actually Italian. This claim came during an awkward debate moment. And, in only slightly less slimy matters, it turns out here may be a new way to protect against HIV - personal lubricant made from cow mucus! Though there's no clear answer yet if this method works, it holds some promise. And besides, what better way to get your partner on board than by saying ‘I have lube made from cow mucus’? Really, we can't imagine anything sexier.

Republican Says Lobster Regulators ‘Want to Rape You and Your Family’

A GOP candidate for Congress in Maine said that lobster regulators want to rape you and your family. CRACKED.COM Ed Thelander said during a rally that the National Oce- anic and Atmospheric Ad- ministration is asking you to pick a child, and urged the crowd, Don't negoti- ate with a rapist.

Vice / Wikipedia

Fossil fuel protesters throw tomato soup on Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' in London gallery

Protestors doused a Van Gogh painting with tomato soup. CRACKED.COM Van Gogh's Sunflowers was ok, as it was under protective glass the entire time. The protestors aim to show how destroying a painting gains more atten- tion than destroying the planet.

CNN / Wikimedia

A 140-Year-Old Pair of Levi’s Was Found in a Mine Shaft. They Just Sold for Over $87,000.

The most vintage pair of Levi's sold for $87,000. CRACKED.COM The pair of jeans were found in a mine shaft and are 140-years-old. What's baffling is that they appear to be the same design you'd see in any trendy boutique today-complete with frays and weathering.

Yahoo / Wikimedia

Students Are Using AI to Write Their Papers, Because Of Course They Are

AI is now being used by students to write their papers for them.  3 - 4 lim CR VNEN ,to Xn 3 x n2-2n+x И. Be {yn} off yn neN, A>0,=> lim5A=1 n/ 4K+4 Rx 5 xip /n2.n-1 sayag n2-2n23 VneNincyn <Zn nano 4 C Xn Уп Cx N-R lokal max, {y_3 f(x),ff и n -13 13 {=n] g)<E */3m R X, Lok Lim 30 , --R I min min n г54. { R n+1 . и xn <Yn 6 Zn 13 II JL n-o П-201 CRACKED.COM One anonymous user says they would send their homework prompts to the AI and it

Vice / Wikimedia

AT&T ‘committed to ensuring’ it never bribes lawmakers again after $23 million fine

AT&T assures us they are committed to never bribing lawmakers again. AT&T GRACKED COM AT&T Illinois will pay $23 million for their influence over a bill, and will coop- erate with the govern- ment's investigation. They reportedly even pin- ky swore to be good little boys from here on out.

The Verge / Wikipedia

Calls to feed contraceptive pills to aggressive seagulls are flawed, says BirdWatch Ireland

The plan to feed contraceptive pills to seagulls has been called problematic. CRACKED.COM Politicians in Ireland have suggested leaving pill-laced pellets for aggressive gulls that attack people for their food, but some of the birds are protected species and the laced food may affect other animals.

Joe / Wikipedia

Crowded Maryland restaurant stays open after customer dies in the restroom

A restaurant in Maryland stayed open even after a customer died in the women's bathroom. CRACKED.COM Jasper's didn't close when the situation unfolded and continued to seat custom- ers. A curtain was put up around the women's re- stroom, and the men's room was converted into a unisex restroom.

NBC / Unsplash

New Zealand proposes taxing cow burps to reduce emissions.

New Zealand wants to tax the greenhouse gasses that farm animals produce from burping. CRACKED COM Prime Minister Jacinda Ard- ern said money raised from the proposed levy will be pumped back into the indus- try to finance new technolo- gies, research and incentive payments for farmers.

BBC / Pixabay

Channel 4 buys painting by Hitler – and may let Jimmy Carr destroy it.

Channel 4 bought a painting by Hitler and will let the audience decide whether to destroy it. CRACKED.COM The station also bought works by Pablo Picasso, convicted pedophile Rolf Harris and sexual abuser Eric Gill, with the intention that a live audience will determine if host Jimmy Carr smashes them up.

CNN / Wikipedia

Walker scolded for flashing badge in middle of Georgia debate.

Herschel Walker flashed a fake badge during a debate to prove he worked with law enforcement. CRACKED.COM Sen. Raphael Warnock said, I've never pretended to be a police officer, prompting Walker to dis- play an honorary sheriff's badge. Не was scolded for producing a prop which was against debate rules.

WYTV / Wikipedia

Los Angeles mayoral candidate Rick Caruso declares he's not white because he's Italian.

An LA mayoral candidate says he's not white, he's Italian. CRACKED.COM Rick Caruso insisted he's actually Latin in an awk- ward debate moment. Caruso is a billionaire real estate developer running against Karen Bass, who seeks to be the city's first black female mayor.

NBC / Wikipedia

US clinics offer free vasectomies in wake of supreme court’s Roe reversal.

A mobile vasectomy clinic called the Nutcrackeris offering free snips. Plam D ParenthooB Center The Carol Whitehill PRO-CHOICE CLINIC ESCORT CRACKED.COM There has been a surge in demand for vasectomies after the reversal of Roe V Wade, so Planned Parent- hood and a physician with a mobile cord-cutter are offering 60 free snips over three days in St Louis.

The Guardian / Wikipedia

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