15 Bizarre Facts About James Blunt, Elf, And The Black Death's Silver Lining

15 Bizarre Facts About James Blunt, Elf, And The Black Death's Silver Lining

We all know the platypus is weird, but did you know they're one of few mammals that lay eggs? And not only are they weirder than most animals, their venom is also some of the most dangerous out there. With 80 different toxins, it's no wonder this animal is considered to be such a threat. Switching for a moment to history, burning at the stake may seem like something from medieval times, but it's actually been around for much longer than that. This method of execution has roots in ancient Babylonia and Israel and was used well into more recent years. Bags of gunpowder were sometimes tied around victims' necks in an attempt to shorten their suffering before setting them ablaze. And back in the present, in 2008, an auto parts manufacturer had to recall 37 million vehicles due to faulty airbags prone to exploding and shooting shrapnel-like material at drivers and passengers alike. Thankfully, they have since fixed the problem so you can drive without worry… for now. 

An argument over wine at Oxford ended with 93 people dead.

A three day riot at Oxford University over wine killed 93 people in 1335. CRACKED.COM Two Oxford students com- plained to the bartender of the Swindlestock Tavern about the quality of wine served, and the argument spiraled into a brawl that killed 30 townsfolk and 63 university members.

Telegraph / Wikipedia

An auto parts manufacturer made faulty airbags that shot shrapnel at drivers.

Airbags in 37 million vehicles had to be recalled by an auto parts manufacturer in 2008. -PAIS CRACKED.COM Faulty inflators in Takata airbags ex- ploded and shot shrapnel-like materi- al at the vehicle's ос- cupants.

Your Lawyer / Wikimedia

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