15 Versions of 'SNL' Around the World

15 Versions of 'SNL' Around the World

Like it or not (mostly on “not” these days), Saturday Night Live has become an American comedy institution that has been utterly dominating the air waves (and, of course, providing sketches) since 1975. It existed long before many of our primary readers were born, and will exist long after you’re dead (especially if you keep up that chocolate-cheese diet of yours). It’s the dominant benchmark of comedy in the United States.

But what about other countries? Don’t they deserve irreverent social commentary, biting wit, and overall goofery on their television sets?

Inspired by SNL or via the original thought of, “Let’s have a comedy sketch show,” other nations have their own Saturday Night Live-type shows. It’s just not always on Saturdays. Or at night. Or on live television. But they’re still sketches, damn it!

So here is a Pictofact list of some of the Saturday Night Live-type programs that are available in other countries.


SNL around the world From 1985 to 1988, the U.K. had Saturday Night Live on Channel 4. The show had such cast members as Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, among others. ISR CRACKED.COM

Channel 4



SNL around the world SNL Québec entertained French Canadians in 2014 and 2015. It was canceled due to studio budget cutbacks, though. CRACKED.COM

SNL Québec


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