16 'MST3K' Episodes to Binge For Halloween Hilarity

These will make you scream (with laughter).
16 'MST3K' Episodes to Binge For Halloween Hilarity

There is no doubt that you’ve been subject to horror movie marathons, whether it’d be via invitation from a Halloween-obsessed friend or being the host of a spooky film fest yourself. On top of that, this time of year several websites provide their own lists of films for you to add your marathons to enjoy and to get clicks. Well, this one is a little different.

Let’s say you’re all scared out, and want a little bit more hilarity in your Halloween consumption. If that’s the case, then Mystery Science Theater 3000 has you covered. There are 219 episodes of the worst and hilarious horror movies that are riffed by two robots and a smarmy dude. A good way to break through the horror monotony is to get a good laugh in and repeat to yourself: it’s just a show, you should really just relax.

Here are some horror episodes of MST3K to include in your spooky season queue.

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