16 Of The Best Gloves In Popular Culture

16 Of The Best Gloves In Popular Culture

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Gloves can be a fascinating accessory. At first look, they are pretty much socks for our hands to keep them warm during the winter months, but can offer so much more than that. They can be a very powerful weapon to wield. They can protect things other than your hands. Or they can just be a fashion statement.

There’s a lot more to gloves than meets the eye, and there’s a reason why we have adopted “it fits like a glove” as a phrase meaning something is a perfect match. They can fit a character's personality or add to their wielder’s overall badass factor.

There have been several gloves worn and wielded throughout the history of film, television, comics, and video games. Most of which have some function, all of which are pretty damn cool..

Here are some of the best gloves throughout popular culture to wear, wield, and just plain kick ass with.

Super Smash Bros.

GLOVES IN POP CULTURE SUPER SMASH BROS. MASTER HAND A giant glove that can beat you and your main up in Smash. It's a perennial boss for a reason. CRACKED.COM



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