28 Of The Most Hilariously Unconventional Weapons Ever Created

28 Of The Most Hilariously Unconventional Weapons Ever Created

We love to joke and chide, say, the James Bond franchise for its goofy gadgets. Exploding pens and metal JAWS can't exist in the real world, right? Or think about Batman. That dude once fended off a freaking great white shark with a weapons-grade canister of something the writers decided to name “Shark Repellent Bat-Spray.” Surely weapons created in real life are taken a little more seriously than that, right?

Wrong! Never underestimate humanity's creativity when it comes thinking of weirdo ways to attack and/or defend ourselves. Some of us use sensible tools like knives and revolvers, and some of us kick the door down and go “NAH DUDE, WE'RE PUTTING A HARMONICA ON THAT REVOLVER!” Can you imagine a world in which random civilians all carried personal tear gas canisters under their sleeves? Well, that's a world inventors in the 1930s imagined when they came up with the idea for the wrist-mounted tear gas gun. More on that and 27 other bizarre weapons from history:

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