16 Children’s Books Surprisingly Written By Celebrities

Who's to stop them? You?
16 Children’s Books Surprisingly Written By Celebrities

Let’s say you’re a parent of a young toddler. Every night, there has to be a bedtime story. Why? Because you want to bond with your kid, don’t ya? If the kid grows up to be a grifter, a murderer, or a politician, you want to be able to point at your parenting history and say, “Hey, that’s not on me, I read to them every night until first grade.”

To prevent any future murderous rampages, you pick up a few children’s books to read to your little scamp and notice the author’s name. It can’t be. Channing Tatum? Channing “Magic Mike” Tatum wrote a kid’s book? Weird. Then you see another. Then another. That’s when you realize that the children’s literature section is riddled with stories written by the most random celebrities ever.

Channing Tatum’s not the only surprising children’s author, though. Here are some celebrities that wrote children’s books, and many may shock you.

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