Changed After Release: 20 Altered Movies Then vs. Now

Changed After Release: 20 Altered Movies Then vs. Now

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Today, we’re taking a look at a bunch of movies that were modified after release, giving special attention to specific changes they were subjected to. Some of these changes were studio-commanded, some came years after the films originally premiered, and some weren’t even official, but instead answered to particular interests at particular moments. In every case, however, the results were alterations that just called attention to their original versions in the first place. For example, the first version of this intro mentioned “rusty guillotines for billionaires,” but we want to address this issue and apologize for such a tacky joke.

Now, we’ve discussed altered movies here at Cracked. But now the time had come for us to really focus on this topic, to really sink in, to really cut through it cleanly and efficiently. Sheesh, this issue will haunt us forever, won’t it? Alright, allow us to make this clear: We want to officially apologize to the persecuted billionaire community. OK, done, can we move forward now? Can we just go to the Pictofacts of altered movies then and now? To repeat: We do not wish tetanus on billionaires, and we deeply apologize for the harm that our words might have caused the guillotine-manufacturing industry. Your work is more important now than ever, and we’re taking serious measures not to question the quality of your work ever again. Great, with the controversy officially past us, let’s talk about some movie changes!

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