32 Terrible Toys That Kids Definitely Must Have Hated

32 Terrible Toys That Kids Definitely Must Have Hated

How hard can it be to make a decent toy for a child? While we're sure that there are some unexpected nuances to the job, like everything out that there that we kind of take for granted, it has to be truly difficult to make an ACTUALLY awful toy for children. Seriously, just take something that kids like, shrink it down to fit in a kid's stubby little hands, ensure that it's not an accidental murder machine… and then maybe show it to another person to guarantee it's not racist somehow. Boom, throw it in a box and ship it off to stores (or wherever the heck people buy toys now-a-days.) 

As easy as it sounds, the people missed the memo. Somewhere in that pretty straightforward process, things broke down. Maybe it was dangerous, maybe it was culturally insensitive, or maybe it was just something no kid could possibly want to play with… It's all here. 

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