15 Now-You-Know Facts That Bopped Our Field Mice

15 Now-You-Know Facts That Bopped Our Field Mice

You might not know it, but there are a few things in this world that are straight out of a movie. For example, did you know that there's a real place called Tatooine? That's right - just like Luke Skywalker's home planet in Star Wars, there is an actual town in Tunisia spelled Tataouine. The below-ground cave dwellings of the native Berber population make for quite the attraction for tourists and filmmakers alike. Or how about this fun fact: at one point in history, the Vice President was chosen by whoever got the second most votes in the presidential election! After 1804 when the Twelfth Amendment came into play (which meant vice presidents were no longer runners up), the position became much less significant. Lastly, do you ever feel like people are constantly keeping tabs on you? Well artist Hasan Elahi knows exactly what that feels like. After he tired of being interrogated by FBI agents on suspicion of terrorism (despite having no ties to terrorist organizations whatsoever), he created a website which documents his location at all times. It told the world he rides the subway a lot, basically.

A scale model of the solar system was made in a Nevada desert.

A group of guys made a to-scale model of the solar system in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. CRACKED.COM They felt that pictures online couldn't capture the size of our solar system and they wanted to give an accurate example.

The Verge / Wikipedia

China did not make glass for 500 years.

China did not produce glass between the 14th-19th centuries. GRACKED COM Due to the early invention and their love of ceramics, they were left behind in the progression of sciences and didn't have things like glass windows and mirrors.

QI / Wikipedia

Poop to the eyes killed a monkey researcher.

An Emory researcher died after a herpes-infected rhesus monkey flung poop into her eyes. CRACKED.COM Elizabeth R. Griffin was helping to move a caged rhesus monkey when the animal tossed a small drop of fluid at her. She died 6 weeks later from herpes-b complications.

NY Times / Pexels

The tallest tsunami in recorded history hit Alaska in 1958.

Alaska was hit by a tsunami taller than the Empire State Building in 1958. GRACKED.COM Thye Mega Tsunami, which occurred as a result of the Lituya Bay earthquake, measured 1,720 feet tall and was the tallest ever recorded.

WSSPC / Pixabay

Dick Van Dyke was told he had a different birthday.

Actor Dick Van Dyke didn't know his actual birthday until he was 18. CRACKED.COM His parents lied to him about his birth date to cover up the fact that he was conceived out of wedlock.

Today / Wikipedia

Presidential candidates that got the second most votes used to be given the Vice Presidency.

The Vice President position used to be filled by the presidential candidate with the second most votes. GRACKED.COM After the Twelfth Amendment, which meant vice presidents were no longer the runners-up in the presidential election, the position was considered an insignificant office.

ThoughtCo / Wikipedia

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