30 Crazy Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe

30 Crazy Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe

People, it seems, will believe just about anything. If you make a YouTube video that amounts to nothing more than a grainy slideshow, a spooky voice over, and half made up phrases of pseudoscience, SOME uncle out there will accept it as absolute fact and make it the crux of their worldview come Thanksgiving. Yet, even in our current climate of social media disinformation campaigns and dudes spewing nonsense in between ad reads for protein powder, there are some conspiracy theories out there that stretch the limits of our imagination. 

In the list below you'll see a fair number of the common ones: Obama is a lizard man, the Earth is actually flat, Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing and planted clues about it in The Shining… But you'll also see a fair amount of stuff that you'll refuse to believe anyone out there actually, well, believes. 

But man, wouldn't it be crazy if this was all true?

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