29 Wild Theories That Really Are Out There

29 Wild Theories That Really Are Out There

There's a lot of wild theories in this world. Frankly, we can't blame people for coming up with or believing most of these. After all, we spend most of our days digging up true facts that are so strange most people assume they're lies. The fact that some people believe things that are completely out there actually makes sense.

With that in mind, we wanted explore nearly thirty theories that real people actually believe that are, well lets just say, a little far fetched.

For example, there's a very popular theory that asserts that Jay-Z's Roc-a-Fella diamond hand gesture is actually a reference to the Illuminati…

Frankly we're still on the fence about the whole moon landing thing. Here's something we do know for sure: you should check out more of these absolutely brain melting conspiracy theories that are just wild enough to be true. (Ed note: they are definitely false). Scroll down for more!

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