20 Rom-Coms We Forgot Existed That Deserve Another Look

20 Rom-Coms We Forgot Existed That Deserve Another Look

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We’re suckers for romantic comedies (we’re also suckers for romantic love, but that’s because we’re dumb and masochistic). We even love the very idea of a meet cute, and we’re happily seeing Bros even if Billy Eichner is honoring his tired aggressively-screaming-at-people schtick by chastising us for not having paid money to see it already. Among the millions of classic and recent romantic comedies fighting for our attention, however, there are always those that escape it and actually deserve a second chance.

In this Pictofact, we remember 20 rom-coms we forgot existed, but that we should stop before they get on the plane with a rambling declaration of love, or something something rom-com trope. We focused on some mainstream Hollywood movies, some edgier indie stuff, and there’s even the artsy film here and there, you know how we roll. Our expectation is simple: That you’ll go, “hey, yeah, I remember that movie, it was good!” that you’ll then pop one in the old Betamax player, and that you’ll just enjoy it once again alongside your loved one. Or whatever, the next best thing. Yeah, love stinks. Anyway, underrated and forgotten rom-coms!

The American President

Forgotten Rom-Coms 1995 The American President Rob Reiner directed The Princess Bride and When Harry Met Sally, so he knows a thing or two about the genre. This movie boasts a stunning cast and an Aaron Sorkin script, and it's way better than those U.S. President-related rom- coms with his daughter or whatever. The peak-'gos themes and politics are a bit outdated, but the charm is all there. CRACKED.COM

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Sliding Doors

Forgotten Rom-Coms 1998 Sliding Doors Before the Goop, erm, venture, Gwyneth Paltrow used to make interesting movies. This early film shows her talent as a woman who both fails to catch a train and actually does it. The split narration alternates between the two paths her life takes - which we're just gonna say makes this a quantum rom-com. CRACKED.COM

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Forgotten Rom-Coms Splendor Gritty indie director Gregg Araki turned to quirky fluff territory with this comedy about a girl who ends up in a relationship with two guys. The concept may seem quaint in our time of open relationships, but it hasn't really been explored in actual movies, let alone adorable rom-coms. It's a solid effort (and the soundtrack is awesome). 1999 CRACKED.COM

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Forgotten Rom-Coms Midnight Challenging the Hays Code, this wacky comedy is way too raunchy for the prudish reputation of old-timey Hollywood. A gold-digging American showgirl is left stranded in Paris, and is romantically pursued by a cabbie while a wealthy man pays her to ruin his wife's love affair. It's pure screwball insanity, and the quick-witted script hasn't aged one bit. 1939 CRACKED.COM

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Just Friends

Forgotten Rom-Coms Just Friends This is a tacky, raunchy, stupid Ryan Reynolds comedy, but still a great example of this cursed subgenre. Reynolds plays a womanizing producer who reunites with the girl who back in high school loved him like a friend. The relentless jokes actually land, the soundtrack is surprisingly sweet, and Anna Faris kills it as a deranged popstar. 2005 friends GOLGARS CRACKED.COM

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Celeste and Jesse Forever

Forgotten Rom-Coms Celeste and Jesse Forever Before Palm Springs, Andy Samberg had already tried a more serious type of comedy than his usual goofy shtick. This indie film is about a separated couple trying to juggle a new life with their care for each other. It's a sweet, mature movie (and who are we kidding, Samberg's shtick is always hilarious). 2012 CRACKED.COM

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