15 Dizzying Facts That Really Processed Our Meat

15 Dizzying Facts That Really Processed Our Meat

Did you know that during the Roman Empire, if there were no prisoners available to fight in arena battles, audience members themselves might get sacrificed? Emperor Caligula once ordered his guards to throw an entire section of the audience into the arena during intermission so they could be eaten by wild beasts because he was bored. Yikes! On a different note, did you know it's dangerous to give aspirin children and teens during and after a viral infection like the flu? It causes Reye's syndrome, which is a rare but serious condition that causes swelling in the liver and brain. So next time your little one comes down with something, you might want to hold off on giving them any medication unless directed by a doctor. Finally, did you know Charlie Chaplin was one of the planned assassination targets during a coup attempt by Japanese naval officers? While Prime Minister Inukai Tsuyoshi was killed at home, Chaplin survived as he happened to be at a sumo event with Tsuyoshi's son. Whew!

A Grand Prix driver knew that a wall moving half an inch was the reason he crashed.

After crashing during the 1984 Dallas Grand Prix, Ayrton Senna said that the wall must have moved. CRACKED.COM Nobody believed him un- til he insisted it be checked, which found that the wall had moved less than half an inch closer to the track as a result of an earlier crash.


8 activists were arrested for dyeing seals red to prevent them from being hunted for their pelts.

Activists saved a thousand seal pups from hunters by dyeing their fur. CRACKED.COM Eight Sea Shepherd ac- tivists were arrested in 1979 for violating the Seal Protection Act, for spray- ing a thousand seal pups with permanent red dye; rendering their pelts use- less for hunters.

Ocala Star-Banner

‘Yakuza 3’ was praised by actual Yakuza members.

The actual Yakuza of Japan praised the accuracy of the video game Yakuza 3. CRACKED.COM The Yakuza evaluated the game on five accounts: en- vironment, depiction of the Yakuza, fight scenes, fashion, and story. They praised it for its realism, only hating the frequency of the fighting.

The Atlantic

Melatonin could be used as a female contraceptive.

Melatonin has undergone clinical trials as a female contraceptive. Yliopiston 100 Melatonin. Cellulos.microcrist., tabl. Apteekki 25 Magn.stear. з mg Sailytä Era/Sats: - alle 5434A °C I I vika nakyville 05 YL99044 2017 For I GRAGKED.COM In the early '90s, it was found that at high dos- es it effectively pre- vented pregnancy, with drowsiness as the only documented side effect.


Flamingos can thrive in water that would strip human skin away.

Flamingos can live in lakes that are so toxic that the water would strip away the human skin. CRACKED.COM Lake Natron in Tanzania has 75% of the world's 3.2 million lesser flamingos, and its hypersaline water can strip away human skin, and breeds algae toxic to many forms of animal life.


MI5 tried to use gerbils to catch terrorists.

During the Cold War, MI5 planned to use gerbils at airports to help detect subversives. CRACKED.COM Gerbils can scent in- creased adrenalin from sweat, something that MI5 planned to utilize, but all the gerbils did was catch innocent victims who were afraid to fly.

The Guardian

The Scoobies were rarely called “meddling kids.”

No one ever said the 'Scooby Doo' line that has become synonymous with catching a criminal. CRACKED.COM The phrase And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids! was nev- er spoken, and the phrase Meddling kids was only used 3 times.

Scooby Doo

China has a death sentence with two years to do good deeds.

Death sentence with reprieve is a punishment in China where a prisoner can avoid execution. CRACKED.COM By abstaining from addi- tional crimes during a two year suspended sentence, the criminal can reduce the sentence to life imprison- ment, or, by committing good deeds, a fixed-term sentence.


Genghis Khan’s burial site was kept a secret through murder.

Everyone involved in Genghis Khan's burial was killed. GRACKED.COM The funeral escort killed anyone and anything that crossed their path, the slaves who built his tomb were massacred, and then the soldiers who killed them were also killed.


A floating turd terrorized the Apollo 10 mission.

A mysterious piece of turd appeared out of nowhere on the Apollo 10 mission. JOHNSON NASA Unita NASA GRACKED COM Commander Tom Stafford was heard saying There's a turd floating through the air. The culprit remains a mys- tery to this day. An entire page within the transcript of the Apollo 10 mission details the encounter.


Charlie Chaplin survived an assassination attempt in 1932.

Charlie Chaplin was one of the planned assassination targets during a coup attempt by Japanese naval officers. GRAGKED.COM While the prime min- ister was killed at home, Chaplin sur- vived as he was at a sumo event with the prime minister's son.

Japan Today

Don’t give aspirin to children after the flu.

Giving aspirin to children and teens during and after a viral infection like the flu is dangerous. GOOD 62 SEX 623 429 БЕНТ COYSS L429 un كمر L429 L42 (429 6201 L423 L429 apoop 09 ang L425 БЕРТ 62V7 FROM ж appa woo supply L42 enou N + meun 24 e AMANDO 1 RT - - PM SCN - - masses It causes Reye's (R- SZA CRACKED.COM eye) syndrome which is a rare but serious condition that causes swelling in the liver and brain.

Mayo Clinic

Roman Emperor Caligula sent audience members to fight his beasts when he ran out of prisoners.

Caligula sacrificed audience members when there were no prisoners to fight in arena battles. GRACKED.COM The Roman Emperor or- dered his guards to throw an entire section of the audi- ence into the arena during an intermission to be eaten by the wild beasts because he was bored.


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