The Man Who Made Postage Stamps Of His Face For Years And More Now-You-Know Info

A furry convention was hit with a chemical attack in 2014.
The Man Who Made Postage Stamps Of His Face For Years And More Now-You-Know Info

Animals, chemicals and the CIA – just some of the topics on our list of facts today! First up, did you know that a furry convention was hit with a chemical attack in 2014? In fact, chlorine gas was released in a hotel hosting the Midwest FurFest convention. The source of the chlorine is still unknown and no arrests have been made, making this one unsolved mystery. Next fact: America doesn’t have buffalo! There is no such thing as a North American buffalo – they’re actually bison. Buffalo are more similar to long-horned cattle, like water buffalo in Africa. So next time you see something called “Buffalo wings” at your local bar, you can make everybody around you feel awkward by insistently calling the “bison wings!” Last but not least: Area 51 became declassified in 2013 when the CIA officially recognized it for the first time ever by responding to archivist Jeffrey Richelson's FOIA request. Up until then, Area 51 had been shrouded in secrecy regarding its aerial reconnaissance programs. Now we can all rest easy knowing what really goes on out there … or can we? 

Google provides high resolution Earth imagery to the government.

Google provides the US government a higher resolution version of Google Maps. CRACKED.COM GeoEye-1 is the satellite that provides Google with imag- ery for Google Maps. At the time of its launch, GeoEye-1 was the world's highest reso- lution commercial Earth-im- aging satellite.


Hitchcock did not know what menstruation was until he was in his 20s.

Alfred Hitchcock first heard about menstruation while making a movie. CRACKED.COM While Alfred Hitchcock was filming 'The Pleasure Garden,' an actress refused to enter the water because she was on her period. A cameraman had to explain to him what she meant. Не was 26.

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Greece went through 23 changes in government between ‘24 and ‘35.

Within 11 years, Greece had 23 changes in government and 13 coups. CRACKED.COM The Second Hellenic Re- public lasted between 1924 and 1935, following the fall of the monarchy. The fall of the Republic eventually paved the way for Greece to become a totalitarian single-party state.


There are time capsules in space that will crash on Earth in 8 million years.

Two LAGEOS satellites will re-enter Earth's atmosphere in 8 million years. CRACKED.COM With them, they carry a message to any far future descendants of humanity, and a map of the continents as they are expected to appear then.


A man made his own stamps for years without being caught.

A man named Angus McDonagh made his own postage stamps featuring his face for years. S.A were tock is 71. KOB ONHAVN 4 - LB MR DANMARK BOS 17 U.S.P 22 V625 ORE 20DRE N. DE M 4 1 1/2 N° CLXXXIIIC ME No. K REGIS TERED MASS CENT iStoc Stock PORT ADELAIDE p POSTAGE PAID PAGADO S.A. REPUBLICA ARGENTINA POLICE 239_V 65 =0/== AUSTRALIA 03000 VJ3 ANQUEO 10. A BERMISO Deutsche Post GRACKED.COM 020 Mr McDonagh, an architect who calls himself an 'anar- chist philatelist', began his personal freepost system in protest at bland stamp de- sign. Не said It's


The LA Olympics were so profitable that they funded youth sports for decades.

The 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles continued to help fund youth sports into the 2010s. CITIUS ALTIUS FORTIUS LOS ANGELES CALIFOR of the OLYMPIAD CRACKED.COM In 1979, the L.A. organizing committee made a deal that whatever profits the games saw, LA84 would give 60% back to the U.S. Olympic Committee and keep the rest for Southern California.


The sharpest object created is a tungsten needle.

A tungsten needle was made which tapered down to the thickness of one atom. GRACKED.COM It was manufactured by placing a narrow tungsten wire in an atmosphere of nitrogen and exposing it to a strong electric field in a device called a field ion microscope.

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Poland holds almost half of the top cases of blood alcohol levels about 1%.

Out of eleven cases of blood alcohol content higher than 1%, Poland holds five. Prodotto in Produtto in Aut DAMO JPP Y Sauto in Italia Premi CONNAY CRACKED.COM A South African man was arrested in 2010 for steal- ing 15 sheep and driving with a ВАС of 1.6%. The highest ВАС of 2.23%, tak- en from a car accident vic- tim in Poland, may have been contaminated.

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A high school basketball player was so dominant that the opposing coach forfeited.

As a high school basketball player, Lisa Leslie once scored 101 points in 16 minutes of play. CRACKED.COM She did not break the record for women's points in a high school game because the oth- er team's coach re- fused to play the sec- ond half.

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A tree in Georgia owns itself.

A white oak tree in Athens, Georgia, legally owns itself and the eight feet of land surrounding it. GRAGKED.COM According to newspa- pers, a deed written by Colonel William Jack- son was written to the tree, giving ownership of the land to itself in the 1800s.


A liver disorder made one king have purple poop.

King George III had purple poop. CRACKED.COM This was caused by a liver disorder called porphyria. Other symptoms include convulsions and a high heart rate, and King George was diagnosed with mania 35 years after his death.


Area 51 became declassified in 2013.

The CIA officially recognized Area 51 for the first time in 2013. NELLIS BOMBING AND CONSERT RANGE RESTRICTED AREA NO TRESPASSING BEYOND THIS WARNING POINT - PHOTOGRAPHY 15 PROHIBITED CRACKED.COM By responding to the archi- vist Jeffrey Richelson's FOIA request, the agency provides official confirma- tions regarding - or correc- tions to - the history of its aerial reconnaissance pro- grams.


America doesn’t have buffalo, it has bison.

There is no such thing as a North American buffalo. GRACKED.COM The animals commonly referred to as Buffalo in North America are actual- ly bison. Buffalo are more similar to long-horned cattle, like water buffalo in Africa.

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A furry convention was hit with a chemical attack in 2014.

In 2014, chlorine gas was released in a hotel hosting a furry convention. CRACKED.COM The apparent chemical attack, which injured 19 people at the Midwest FurFest convention, is unsolved, and the source of the chlorine is still unknown.


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