20 Facts About 'Se7en' (Besides the Fact That it's Creepy as Hell)

20 Facts About 'Se7en' (Besides the Fact That it's Creepy as Hell)

If you’re ever in a rut, just remember David Fincher had lost all faith in the art of making movies and was about to go back to his badass music videos after the nightmare that was Alien 3 – and then he received the script for Se7en. We would say “the rest is history,” but we just saw Se7en again, and holy crap, David, what is wrong with you? Why are you making us write “Se7en” like an emo kid on 2003s Tumblr? But also, great film, keep up the good work, and boy, what history did you make. Se7en is an almost perfect movie, except for the fact the Sloth victim has three arms, and so we just had to remind our readers of this fact. Of the fact it is awesome, we mean, not the three arms. Okay, here: one, two, three arms.

With that said, here are 20 more facts about the Se7en. It was Fincher’s very first masterpiece, it showed the world the man’s brilliant vision, and it had its four leads at the top of their game. And yes, we know, Kevin Spacey is a major douche and Gwyneth Paltrow has exchanged a legendary acting career for grifting, like a Jordan Peterson for wealthy wine moms. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t contribute in making the movie the classic that it is. And as for Fincher, even if he would soon abandon Se7en’s gritty, slimy aesthetic for smooth camera movements and clean CGI surfaces, this movie is a good reminder of the best the decade had to offer. And you know that pang of nostalgia you just got from remembering that grungy ’90s style? Don’t worry, we got you, didn’t we say Fincher’s music videos were badass?


CRACKED.COM SEVEN The Sloth makeup was too realistic. The makeup team experimented for 11 days to give actor Michael Reid MacKay the right look. The result was so chilling that actor John С. McGinley didn't have to fake being frightened by his jump in the first take.

USA Today


CRACKED.COM SEVEN Wait, there's a sequel? The studio dusted off something called Solace, slapped Ei8ght on it, and hoped Morgan Freeman would play Somerset again, but as a psychic detective this time. The movie did end up getting made, it was indeed called Solace, and it sucked.


Richmond Arquette

SEVEN Does the delivery guy look familiar? Richmond Arquette appears as Edward Norton's doctor in Fight Club, and several other Fincher movies. And yup, he's one of the Arquette siblings. CRACKED.COM


Quoting Hemingway

The Hemingway quote was the result of a screening mess-up. Fincher's original ending was the movie fading to black right after Mills shoots Doe, leaving the audience shocked in darkness for several seconds. But a test screening turned up the lights immediately, confusing the audience instead. The studio asked Fincher for changes, so he added Somerset quoting Hemingway. SEVEN CRACKED.COM


The Color Palette

The colors help tell the story. The colors green and red foreshadow that envy and rage will be the most important sins. Moreover, the plot leads us to believe Somerset is green with envy at Mills' life, and that Mills just sees red as a rash young man. Unconsciously, then, the twist that it was actually Doe who was jealous of Mills works even better. SETEN CRACKED.COM


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